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Everyone’s dating fairy Godmother…


One again I would like to thank everyone who got in touch after last month’s article; I hope my suggestions helped? Has summer arrived or is it going to be like last year a bit of a false start? Well whatever it is; it’s lovely so no excuses for not getting ‘out and about’ meeting new people.

Since we last corresponded; I have re-launched my website to provide more singles’ events and incorporate lifestyle pages including; Mind & Body, Healthy Eating, Recipes, Home, Gardening and DIY providing useful information and tips on how people can enrich their lives. The old website wasn’t catering for all my members’ needs so I had to adapt and change; to move on and try something new. I believe that if people can understand how important it is to be adaptable and maybe experience how uplifting it can be to try a different approach - then we can all benefit. This is especially true in our social lives and of course; in our quest for finding someone special.

Interestingly I have had a number of enquiries from people looking for a different way of finding true love. They have tried the more conventional ways like internet dating but many are fed up with the liars and scammers. I must emphasise that not all internet dating sites are like this; some take great care to filter out the bad apples so you just have to know which ones to avoid.

Perhaps internet dating has had its day...?

Some single people are now looking for an alternative to internet dating so what is out there? We seem to be lucky in this area there are quite a few clubs and associations that do offer singles’ social events where single people can meet up and just socialise with each other and if they happen to meet the love of their lives then that’s a bonus.

Whatever we do though, we have to be prepared to make an effort, I know I keep harping on about making an effort but it’s a bit like dieting or going to the gym; you have to be disciplined. You have to look at the dating game in a different way, take a fresh perspective. You know the saying “a watched kettle never boils” well maybe there is some truth in that; sometimes when we try too hard we can give off the wrong signals or vibes.

Recently two of my members have started dating; both had joined my internet dating website for different reasons. She had joined because she wanted to meet new people as she was new to the area and he had joined the Foodies Dining Club because he liked eating out but not on his own. Interestingly neither was particularly interested in the internet dating; it was the social events they liked giving them something to look forward to each week. They are now together and couldn’t be happier.

So it just goes to show when you are NOT looking for it, sometimes it happens. Was it because they were more relaxed which possible made them seem more confident and consequently more attractive? I don’t know I’m not a psychologist but what I do know is that they both made a conscious effort to go out and socialise with other single people. Try it; what have you got to lose?

Top Tips: Make the effort to go out at least once a week; book things in advance put the events in your diary and stick to them. Get a friend to come with you. Don’t go dating – go socialising; you never know what might happen!

Please get in touch for a full list of social events coming soon and for clubs and associations for
single people in the area.