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Pulp Fiction

An exhibition of paper collages. crack

1st - 6th July.

Cheltenham School of Applied Art.
Exhibition at the Gardens Gallery.

This is the first show of the work of the school since it was was opened over two years ago. The exhibition consists principally of paper collages of clothes plus other images. The result is a most interesting and stylish recycling project!

Over the last two years students of the school have been concentrating on drawing and painting the costume figure as well as a varied range of clothes and props. These studies have provided the background to our most recent work which is the emphasis of the show. Our work has moved towards an increasing involvement with paper collage. This has resulted in both 2D and 3D images from manipulating cut and torn paper from magazines and newspapers. We are excited by the creative possibilities of a medium which is commonly available and known to everyone and which is the product of modern printing technology. Some of the studies are intensely and time-consumingly detailed while others are an immediate response to an immediate medium.

The school was founded by Liz Valenti, a former fashion designer and lecturer, to appeal to those with an interest in fashion, textiles, the decorative arts, theatre design and related subjects. The school is designed to echo the spirit of a Foundation Course, and to provide an opportunity to develop ideas within a playful and creative environment.

Everyone is encouraged to develop an individual response within a friendly environment where the journey is as important as the outcome. Workshops can be based on research which might include painting, sculpture, the decorative arts, architecture, tribal and folk art. Experimentation is encouraged through drawing, painting, sampling, manipulation and the use of a variety of media.

The school offers ten day workshops, one day per week, across three terms. Fabric and the Figure involves working from the costume figure based on a look or theme using costume, accessories, textiles and props. Decorative Arts is an experimental ten day workshop, one day per week, involving the development of ideas from an identified source of inspiration. Past workshops have included mixed white materials, metal foil based on a visit to Krakov, paper clothes and a wedding cake based on a Chinese headdress.

The school also offers cultural visits in the UK and overseas. To date we have visited the V&A quilt show, the film costume show in Worcester Cathedral, The National Gallery and Castel Coch near Cardiff. Our overseas visits have been to Krakov, Istanbul and Seville.

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