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Everyone's Dating Fairy Godmother


Hi everyone, itís holiday time. If youíre like me you will have thought about nothing else for weeks; planning what you are going to take, what you need to buy before you go and how many toiletries you can pack before the contents explode all over your clothes. When I was single (and still fitted in my bikini) I remember thinking how exciting it all was and how fantastic it would have been if I met the man of my dreams and was whisked away on his enormous yacht!

I had an email from a lovely lady the other day she had a holiday romance last year which she thought was more than just a holiday fling. This is what she said.

ďDear Lynette, Iím off on holiday in a few weeks time with some girlfriends. Last year I met a really nice man, we soon became quite close. He made me feel very special and told me that he had recently divorced and that like me this was his first holiday as a single person. We seemed to have a lot in common and didnít live too far from each other in the UK. I suppose I let my guard down a little as you do when youíre on holiday. My holiday finished before his did and he promised to get in touch as soon as he got home to the UK. I sent him a few emails and tried to call but I never heard from him again. I felt so stupid and humiliated. Iím rather confused now because I worry that I wonít be able to spot the difference between someone who is genuinely interested in me and someone who is just out for what they get. Help! I feel that all this could ruin my holiday. Sue from Cheltenham.Ē

I wrote back... ďDear Sue Iím sorry to hear that your holiday romance didnít work out how you thought it might and that it is making you feel anxious about this yearís holiday. I think the best thing is; to go with no expectations about what may happen and I have a few tips to follow if you do meet someone you like. These tips work for both sexes. Itís not just women who have their hearts broken on holiday.

1.Try to find out as much as possible about the other person, but donít be too pushy.

2. Be honest, donít give people false expectations.

3. Find out where they are staying, if they are vague itís a warning sign.

4. Donít drink too much. Never let your drink out of your sight.

5. Donít let anyone you donít know buy you a drink it could be spiked.

6. Never talk about money or give the impression you have any.

7. Final tip ďwhat happens on holiday - stays on holiday.Ē

A holiday romance is just that; probably nothing more will come of it, keep an open mind. Youíre a grown up you can do whatever you like; so if you want to break a few rules then do so but please keep safe. If you do keep in touch with someone after your holiday then thatís a bonus.

I hope you all have fantastic holidays and wonderful holiday romances that do have happy endings. Let me know! Take care. Lynette.

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