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sk:n - Microdermabrasion


I am now over half way with the laser hair removal on my underarms. My nurse at sk:n said to me it would take six sessions to see a dramatic effect and that initially the hair becomes stunned and therefore the growth is stunted...mine hardly grew at all and subsequently I thought she was wrong – sadly this was not to be!

The hair re-growth is definitely slower than after a waxing but whereas in my previous article I thought there was more than a 75% success rate, I now reluctantly agree that it is more like 55%. That said, I am not upset or disheartened by the results in way at all, I just don’t like to be wrong! Having just undergone my fourth treatment I am a firm advocator of this hair removal method and one of the most encouraging aspects about it is that when the hair does come back, there is none of that awful shadow typical of re-growth, also the hair comes back much finer and therefore not so prominent....
I love it!

The last time I visited sk:n in Montpellier I experienced the rejuvenating benefits of their Glycolic Peel which really impressed me so this time I decided to opt for their microdermabrasion treatment. Lying on the couch, having been cleansed of make-up, a hand held device is rolled over the face, firstly in a horizontal mode and then vertically – this ensures maximum coverage. This little gizmo deposits a highly controlled flow of fine, medical grade crystals over the skin. My face looked and felt similar to that of swimming in the sea and being covered in salt water. It’s basically a very gentle exfoliation which can refine open pores and is suitable for all skin types, young, old, male or female with no recovery time needed post treatment.

The crystals were then brushed off and sk:n’s own luscious brand of creams and potions were applied: firstly the B5 hydrating gel which my skin seemed to devour, followed by the derma performance night cream. This is a much richer cosmetic and one that my face welcomed. Eye cream was applied and then lastly the SP45 revision which is a tinted moisturiser and I was ready to go!

The microdermabrasion shows instant results on the face and is known as a non surgical skin resurfacing procedure which immediately restores smoother, younger looking skin and is very popular for fine lines or wrinkles; sun-damage; acne prone skin; blackheads; whiteheads; superficial age spots and hyper-pigmentation; oily, dry or patchy skin.

I have just had a look in the mirror: my face does look smoother with a more even skin tone. I had a couple of sun-damage spots which have been on display for a good couple of years now – they are still there but have lessened – either that or I better get a stronger pair of glasses! I think it’s a good treatment, more beneficial than doing it oneself at home – and sadly, as one ages, it should be worked into the budget if you want to stay looking younger for longer.

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