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The Barber Shop

A close shave by Montpellier’s smooth operators! crack

The Barber Shop, in the heart of Montpellier, is owned and operated by husband and wife team Simon and Lynsey North. Whilst Simon is not always involved in the general day to day operations, having a successful bakery to run, he is very much at the heart of the business whilst his wife, who originally managed the establishment for some 15 years, takes care of the clientele, with the team, to the highest standards.

Acquiring the business from the original owners some three and a half years ago they have worked steadfastly to create what is now arguably the finest barbers in Cheltenham.

The most recent development of the business is the appointment of none other than singer Morrissey’s personal stylist Damon Anacreonte, who is well known for his talent having groomed many a discerning gentleman, including actor Christopher Lee, at both Harrods and Mayfair’s trendy ‘The Refinery’, one of London’s most sophisticated male grooming establishments.

Easing myself back into the barber’s chair I realised that, at the age of 40, I had never had a proper wet shave with a cut-throat razor in my life! How is that possible? The answer is simple, up until recently it has been a dying art, an art that Damon is proud to be resurrecting as one of only a handful of individuals qualified to offer the service.

As experiences go I have to say that it was simply divine. As a day to day routine shaving is a bore, but this is different, this is a treat.

I’m reclined in the chair, face lathered, and about to fall asleep whilst someone has a cut-throat razor at my throat! Fall asleep you say? Yes, quite seriously, it really is that relaxing!

I couldn’t believe it. But it’s not just a special shave, it’s combined with a facial massage, which in itself is fabulous. But combining the two...

The end result was spectacular, a seriously smooth shave from Montpellier’s smooth operator. My goatee was perfect, the first time ever, not a bristle out of place, exquisitely groomed. Totally relaxed, stress-free. It’s an experience every male should try!