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Sk:n - Glycolic Peel


There must be drawbacks to any job – I can’t think of a single person who loves every aspect of their’s not possible. So when I was asked the other day what I don’t like about my profession, I was temporarily stumped. Had I found the ideal vocation? Show me a woman who wouldn’t enjoy being pampered – all in the name of work, and get paid for the privilege! Although on retrospect the one area I find difficult is, to give you, the reader, an unbiased appraisal of whatever it may be I am profiling at the time. There is often a dilemma, particularly when you invariably receive a treatment free of charge, you don’t want to slate the premises, the therapist or the treatment and it can therefore be challenging to tread the ‘fine line’ between truth and fiction.

Happily this is not a problem I have at sk:n in Montpellier. For the past few months I have been a regular at their spotlessly clean haven of anything to do with the appearance. I have been under-going laser hair removal on my underarms. Currently I have received three of my allotted six treatments and to the critical eye, my nurse Faye, says I have a 40% reduction on hair growth – to me the novice, I would say it’s more like a 75-80% reduction – but then, who I am except the proud bearer of almost hairless underarms?!

Sk:n invited me back the other day to experience their glycolic peel. Delighted but exhausted I wandered into my treatment room and, after a short questionnaire, I slumped onto the couch fully clothed to receive what I thought would be an hour or so of me time. What I actually experienced was a full five minutes and the magic was over.

Feeling cheated and unable to leave the couch, I decided it was time to do some research – firstly the price. Sk:n recommend a series of three peels to see an amazing result by which time the treatments take a little longer but at £80 a throw I was feeling that perhaps this would never reach the top of my hit list. That was before I looked in the mirror and did not see a tired 47 year old face looking back at me, rather that of the fresh-faced girl of yesterday.

The glycolic peel is good and effective which is probably why it’s popular. A bit like buying a new pair of shoes, or having your hair done, the glycolic peel is about the feel-good factor but it does your face good to boot. After being cleansed the peel is applied. By the time the application is in place it’s time to remove it. Sk:n’s own, carefully sourced, products are then massaged into the face, particularly a B5 hydrating gel and a tinted moisturiser with an SPF of 45. After care is explained to you and that is it. It’s a fantastic treatment to have in your lunch hour. Now four days after my peel, a few bottles of wine and far too many late nights thrown into the mix – I still look like I’ve never ingested an E number in my life – it’s like I’ve been stripped of toxins without having to suffer! I’ll be back!!!

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