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Aromatherapy has been around for many generations and there is proof that aromatic products were being used as far back as 4500BC.

The most commonly known history of aromatic preparations has got to be from the Egyptians. They used perfumes and oils as offerings to their gods as well as for medical and magical purposes. And, as they believed in reincarnation, they wanted to keep the body in good condition ready for the afterlife, so therefore, embalmed them with aromatic resins and pure essences. It is because of the great anti bacterial and antiseptic power of some of the oils used that mummies have been found thousands of years later perfectly preserved.

Today, however, aromatherapy is better known as a gentle, relaxing massage therapy, incorporating two of our senses - touch and smell.

The treatment begins with an in-depth consultation where your therapist will ask questions about your health, general well being and medical history. It is very important to inform your therapist of any medical condition or medication you are taking as some of the oils can work adversely to medication and/or medical conditions.

Your therapist will talk to you about the oils that she would recommend and you will have the chance to smell the oils – if you don’t like the smell of an oil please tell your therapist and an alternative can be used.

It is just as important to tell your therapist of any areas of your body you want to concentrate on. For example if you have problems with your back and neck it is often worth spending a greater part of the massage on releasing the muscles in that area to obtain the best benefit from your treatment.

As you prepare yourself for the treatment and settle yourself in the massage couch your therapist will mix up your prescription blend of oils for use during your massage. Our Aromatherapists are highly qualified and have many years experience so are able to blend oils to a prescription to treat the ailments of each individual client.

So, with the lights dimmed, candles flickering and soothing music in the background your cares and stresses are eased away with expert techniques and uniquely blended oils.

Some ailments that can be treated are:

• Stress
• Migraine
• Insomnia
• Depression
• Aches and Pains
• Fluid Retention / Bloating
• Hormone Imbalances
• Anxiety

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