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Beauty expert Sally Corless, of Eden Health & Beauty Spa, answers your health & beauty queries. crack

Question 1- How long will a fake tan last?

Answer- This does vary from 2-10 days, and will look its best the day after application. To improve the lasting power, ensure you prepare the skin before you apply the product by exfoliating the area well using either a body brush, loofah or body scrub This removes the dead cells, making sure the product penetrates properly and also ensures it goes on evenly preventing a patchy appearance to the tan. Check the suggested application technique before applying the moisturiser, as some require this step and for others it can act as a block to the formation of the tan. The colour will last until the tanned skin cells have been exfoliated away.

To prolong their life, moisturise regularly, and certainly after every shower. A good technique is to apply your moisturiser to your damp skin and pat dry. You will be amazed at how much softer your skin will be (also a great tip for dryer skin).

It is always worth purchasing a decent product, as in general more research will have gone into the product, and the use of better quality extracts.

Question 2 - Every summer I get cracked heels. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Answer- If you imagine putting pressure from above on a tomato it wants to expand out sideways, and eventually the skin will crack. This is actually what happens to the normal fat pad under your heel. As the body weight pushes down, the fat wants to expand sideways and the pressure on the skin to crack is increased. If the weight is excessive e.g. through prolonged standing, and the skin is not supple due to dryness (an increased problem in summer months) and the fat pad is not supported due to open backed shoes, cracking of the heels is likely to occur.

Apply an oil based moisturising cream twice a day. Use a pumise stone daily to keep any build up of hard skin to a minimum. Finally avoid wearing open backed shoes where possible and hopefully you will have a more comfortable summer. If cracking occurs it is worth visiting your local salon for a specialist foot treatment and then maintain the results with your home-care.

Question 3 - I am off on a trip of a lifetime to the sun in March, and want to wax my legs. This is a first for me, and I wondered how long the hairs have to be?

Answer- All hairs need to be at least 114 inch long. It is advisable to leave the hair for a good 2 weeks to ensure maximum growth thus increasing your value for money.

The wax will then ensure you are hair free for approximately 3 weeks, with a further 2-3 weeks of slow growth.

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