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Celebrate 20 Years crack

Town centre solicitors Nick Hutchinson & Co started up in 1990 and have grown to a firm able to deal with most of the everyday legal issues you are likely to face (or would maybe prefer not to face!).

It has never been more difficult to ensure that you are complying with the law, with successive governments churning out more and more legislation, much of it ill considered or unnecessarily complex. At the same time, in the interests of competition apparently, there has been a relaxation in the rules about who can undertake legal work so that, for example, anyone with no knowledge, no training, no insurance and no professional conduct rules can set themselves up as a will writer.

All solicitors must maintain indemnity insurance giving minimum cover of £2m per transaction, which also gives continued protection even if the firm merges or closes. Solicitors are also bound by a strict code of conduct which insists that they must put their client’s interests first at all times, and that all charges must be fair and reasonable.

At Nick Hutchinson & Co we believe that the secret of a good legal practice is providing an approachable, friendly service at a competitive price. Some of the areas we can help with are as follows:

As with will writing, some people seem to be under the impression that dealing with property transactions is simply a question of putting together some standard wording, and that it can be dealt with by unqualified personnel working in bulk conveyancing companies. This is wrong! Buying or selling a house is likely to be the biggest financial commitment you will make in your life. You need a solicitor that will give you a personal, expert service, with attention to detail and the use of plain English to explain what is going on and why at all stages of the transaction.

Wills and estates
You may have seen the recent BBC Panorama programme which highlighted some of the dangers of using unqualified will writers to prepare one of the most important legal documents of your life. Apart from badly or incorrectly drafted wills, there is the risk of being sold additional “services” you do not really need, and which result in you paying considerably more than what you thought was the nominal and extremely reasonable initial fee. The same principles apply to probate, ie dealing with the estate of someone who has died. Nick Hutchinson & Co will never try to sell you anything you don’t want or need, and we will give you detailed costs information before undertaking any work.

Commercial property
Many companies and businesses seem to think that they have to go to large legal firms when buying or leasing commercial property – this isn’t the case. Nick Hutchinson has been dealing with shops, offices and industrial units in London, Cheltenham and elsewhere for some thirty years, and can offer cost effective, practical and expert advice.

To celebrate our 20th birthday in November we are offering readers 20% off our already very reasonable conveyancing fees – please see the coupon on the facing page for details. And please check with us whether you are eligible to have your will prepared free of charge – even if you are not, prices start at just £100 plus VAT.