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Everyone's Dating Fairy Godmother...


Hi everyone, I hope you all had fantastic holidays; I am looking forward to hearing about your holiday romances and of course; I’m here to pick up the pieces if they didn’t go to plan…

I was talking to someone the other day at a charity event; I hadn’t met him before and when I told him what I did he said “I don’t think I will ever understand women”. My reply was “That’s correct” I think he was taken aback; he may have expected me to go into some long proclamation about “understanding women is like peeling onions” or something equally profound. The truth is far simpler; men should accept that they will never fully understand us and the sooner men can recognize that, the sooner there will be harmony!

It turned out that this chap had just split up with his girlfriend over a text message. Text messaging is one of my pet hates; not because I am a technophobe or anything like that but because texting causes so many relationship problems that I could write a book about it. He admitted that he wasn’t the best communicator anyway which had irritated his girlfriend; she expected him to text her very five minutes (like she did to him) and couldn’t understand why he didn’t reply to her messages. The crunch came when he only put one kiss at the bottom of a text instead of the usual three; this was interpreted by the girlfriend to signify that he wasn’t interested in her anymore and that he was seeing someone else. This may sound paranoid but you would be surprised how often I hear the same sort of thing over and over again.

The truth is that he just wasn’t into texting and in my experience; men (with some exceptions) aren’t terribly good about that sort of thing anyway. He explained that he struggled to think of things to text to her and he had a job that wasn’t conducive to be texting someone all the time. He only added one kiss in the “fatal” message because he was in a hurry; he never gave it a second thought so he was completely baffled by the reaction.

Some advice for him and our male readers;
women like to be re-assured that they are the most important thing in a man’s life. There is nothing wrong with that it’s just that some women need a little more reassurance than others so you have to strike the right balance. Advice for us girls; please try to understand that men are not particularly good at the “soppy” stuff like texting; they don’t use one kiss to annoy you or because they don’t care – it is probably just because they are busy or have been distracted. A little advice for everyone; please be careful about what you say in a text message; the written word does not convey any tone, facial gesture, body language and very often can be read completely out of context – especially when it is abbreviated in a text. It is very easy to misinterpret the sentiment and meaning so to avoid any misunderstandings; maybe just call each other – it’s far more romantic anyway.

Take care. Lynette x

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