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Tips For Looking After Your Smile


Our single most important feature is one we often pay little regard to – our smile! In a bid to look younger the UK market for cosmetic surgery is said to have grown to a massive £2.3 billion (Mintel), but we often overlook the benefits of having a healthy smile. Did you know that people naturally ‘listen’ by focusing on your mouth? Smiling conveys openness and confidence but if your smile does not make you feel confident, then this is probably conveyed as well!

Good dental care is vital and will always focus on prevention of problems to teeth and gums, and invasive corrective measures should only be undertaken when absolutely necessary.

Here are a few tips on how to have fresh breath confidence and make the best of your smile:

• Clean your teeth thoroughly and carefully and use a small headed toothbrush. The harder you brush does not automatically mean the cleaner the teeth! In fact you could be damaging your gums and causing them to recede! So clean all 3 surfaces of your teeth and gums carefully.

• Daily cleaning between each tooth with inter-dental brushes or floss will further enhance the cleanliness of your mouth and help eliminate stale odours and plaque. Plaque if allowed to collect will form pockets around the base of your teeth which will push the gums away from the teeth and in severe cases can cause gum disease and the loss of a tooth.

• A good quality mouthwash can help eliminate lingering odours and any remaining bacteria.

• If after following the above routine for a week you suspect your breath is not as fresh as you would like, I would recommend you book an appointment with your hygienist. Sometimes there are areas around our teeth that need professional care before the gum can be healthy and fresh breath confidence regained.

• If you have any suspect areas ask your dentist to perform a comprehensive assessment with a micro-camera, this way early decay or any other issues can be detected before more invasive treatment is required. This is completely painless and allows you and your dentist to see any suspect areas which would not otherwise be visible.

• If the appearance of metal fillings is really bothering you, then consider replacing them with metal free white fillings. These are a healthier option and extremely strong with a very natural appearance.

• Make sure you have at least 2 check-ups per year; any concerns can often be treated with minimal intervention.

Dr Ghaleb Karien
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