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Suzi Lawrence Wedding Photographer


Your wedding day is, to many, a day you’ve dreamt of your whole life and to most something that will be planned, discussed and deliberated to the minutest detail. It is a day that will be unforgettable.

Having been a bride and a bridesmaid and as it’s my job to photograph and capture the bride (and groom and the entire wedding party), looking their very best on the big day, weddings are something I am very passionate about! And I feel I have some great advice for any up and coming Wedding Belles.

One thing that is no beauty tip or style hint and is probably, in my book, the most important-remember that this is YOUR wedding day. It’s about you and your partner celebrating the love you have for each other. It is a massive occasion in front of all the people you care about however, it is essentially about the two of you. I was told this just before my wedding and I had to keep remembering in amongst all the excitement to look at my new husband and check in with him as the day will fly by.

I always recommend to couples that I photograph that the time in between the ceremony and the reception is the perfect time to relax and reflect on the vows you’ve just made.

When it comes to capturing beautiful, romantic couple shots one of the best tips is… to relax. A good photographer should encourage you to be as natural as possible to create the truest representation of you both. So try cuddling just like you normally do and really enjoying 5 minutes away from your adoring congregation as the brand, sparkling Newly Marrieds!

Other little tips that I’ve picked up like gems along the way are:

- To make sure you drink lots of water in the run up to the wedding, it helps to keep you going and will revitalise and refresh tired skin!

- To make sure you have a decent breakfast on the wedding morning, it’s a fabulous but long day and you will need your energy, porridge is a great idea and it’s a slow burning fuel!

- When it comes to getting dressed having a beautiful wedding dress often means fiddly, delicate buttons or even a fitted corset and this is not a one-woman job, so go for your wedding dress fitting with the person that will be helping you dress on the day, then there’s no last minute panic!

- Another quiet little whisper in your ear is if your thinking of fancy underwear to treat the new spouse then make sure you know how to put it all on (suspenders can be a last minute fiddle that may need practice)!

- Two more secret weapons are mints and lip-gloss; you will be kissing and chatting to lots of people and it’s a good idea to feel minty fresh and lip-gloss or even just Vaseline is great for making you look and feel glamorous.

One last tip is a corker-SMILE, it’s your big day, enjoy it!!!

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