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Sounds Good


Treading the wooden floorboards, browsing through the numerous CD collections and having my ears treated to a lovely piano concerto, I almost forgot the world outside. Eight months on from my first Sounds Good experience, I was back to see what had been happening in this quirky little record shop on Henrietta Street, and what inevitable words of wisdom owner Robert had for me...

“We’ve had a bit of a sale on over the summer and have had a lot of holiday-makers come in. Customers trust us to come in and talk about the music they love, although some come in, look around, get a little bit shy, and leave not having found what they were looking for. It’s those customers I want to reassure that we are here to help. Even if there’s an obscure song they don’t know the name of, we can help them find a recording of it – in fact, that’s one of the most exciting parts! I’ve had customers come in and hum the tune of a song on an advert or in a film they’re desperate to find.”

We’ll go to all sorts of places to find out-of-stock recordings. I recently sourced a recording of reading of a classic Pinter play with Laurence Olivier in the cast. Those are now deleted from EMI, you can’t buy them anymore. We told the customer that if there’s anything else we can find for him we will look for it. He’s asked for an old Edith Evans recording so we’re busy looking for that at the moment.”

“Some may say that the music you find in Sounds Good is alternative music but I don’t believe it is. Pop music is ephemeral; it comes and goes. However, classical music is a bit more timeless and can be redone over the decades”

“Ultimately, the most attractive thing about a piece of music to a listener can be as simple as the passion of the performer. Young singers who lack life experience can sometimes lack the much-needed passion in a performance. Similarly, if a singer is singer a song in a different language and they don’t fully understand the meaning of the lines, they can’t convey the real message of the song.”

“I read an interview with Alex James, the bassist from Blur, where he talked about his rediscovery of classical music and how he’s now presenting a programme on Classic FM. He says he’s really got into classical music as well as pop music. It’s not unusual for someone to have an eclectic music taste these days but it surprises people sometimes because we like to put boundaries on things but, really, there aren’t any boundaries whatsoever.”

Whether you are looking for jazz, classical, folk or world music; if you’re looking for a fountain of musical knowledge look no further than Sounds Good. It’s not only CD’s they offer but music DVD’s as well. For more information, call the store on:

01242 234604

7 Henrietta Street
GL50 4AA