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Absolute Beauty

Teen Skincare crack

A passionate brand with a purpose.

A dynamic, new category within skincare and personal care.

Amie is the new natural skincare range developed purely for young, teen skin.

Created for her, and all girls like her, by a mother who cares.

Natural ingredients with no “nasties”- no sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, alcohol, animal extracts, GMO extracts.

Presentation is young and fun.

Sophisticated product range.

Philosophy - skincare developed specifically for young skins by a mother who cares.

Gorgeous skin...naturally.
Amie’s gentle yet effective formulas are your skin’s best friend: bursting with natural plant extracts that work in complete harmony with your skin, they are ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive, oily and blemish-prone, and will help your skin look and feel absolutely gorgeous!

“I’m really impressed with Amie’s simple but effective approach. I wish I’d had Amie when I was 15”
Kate Turner, Beauty Editor, Cosmopolitan Magazine

Every Amie product is bursting with an average 95% natural fruit and botanical ingredients, each one hand-picked to work in complete harmony with your skin and to bring out its natural radiance, so our cleansers deep-clean without stripping and our moisturisers hydrate without clogging pores with oil. Natural anti-bacterials help keep skin clear and free from blemishes. The result is beautifully clean, soft, smooth and confident skin...

I bought a set of Amie (Petal Perfect, Morning Dew and Spring Clean) at Clothes Show Birmingham and within two weeks my skin was much clearer, smoother and brighter and I had less outbreaks of spots. I shall definitely being buying more of this range as it’s natural, smells divine, clears skin and is affordable which is what you need when you are on a low budget.
Thank you. x
Charlotte 16.

Hello ! My name is Amie...and I am just writing to tell you how much I love your products !! I am 15 and naturally have really oily skin but it is also very sensitive which makes Amie products perfect for me. Your products are amazing and I will never use anything else. Thank you for making them affordable as well ! Your most loyal customer, Amie.

I’ve been using Amie for a few months now and have never used such a great range ! My skin has never been so clear, soft and so yummy smelling. So, really, thank you very much for an affordable range of vegan suitable skincare products that are good for skin ! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Jenny.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products. I am 26 and have been battling with my skin for the last 10 years. I haven’t looked back ever since I discovered the Amie range. With Amie products the packaging is lovely, the smells of the products are all different and with regards to effectiveness, I couldn’t ask for more, after only a week my spots got better and my skin is always soft, there is no dryness. Keep on doing what you are doing. All the best, Helen.

All Amie products and facials are now available from Absolute Beauty. Prices start from just £4.95