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Buy IT Right, Support IT Right.

By Mark Simmonds, Cheltenham IT Consultant, OGL Computer crack

While IT in the home is becoming ever more important, from online shopping to online banking, living in Cheltenham myself and working with the town’s businesses on a daily basis, IT is an essential, integral part of any of the town’s modern businesses.

To get the most from your IT in terms of reliability and performance, it’s imperative that you make the right IT hardware choices at outset, and there are a number of key considerations which must be taken into account: are the specifications of the hardware sufficient for your needs in terms of reliability, function and speed, and can they handle the software and applications you intend to use? At OGL Computer, HP is the brand we provide for PCs, laptops and servers (a server is often used to share resources or create a network between multiple PCs or laptops) because of the optimum combination of performance and reliability, which is key when your business processes depend on IT uptime.

As a HP Preferred Partner, OGL is frequently the cheapest option for hardware for organisations in Cheltenham, but a key consideration is the cost and quality of your hardware installation, especially if your organisation requires multiple items, connected into a network. An effective installation is rapid, minimising disruption to your organisation; its completion will improve the functioning of your IT, and it’s completed to budget.

Equally important is how you support and care for your IT once installed. It’s imperative that you take personal care of your own IT, from ensuring you have anti-virus software and that it is regularly updated for your PC, for example, whether at home of in the workplace. For business, with processes and data at stake, IT security measures are imperative, but we can help you maximise the protection of your IT and business data.

Should your organisation incorporate a network of typically five PCs and upwards, dedicated IT Support becomes imperative. Despite using high-quality hardware, your IT is only as effective as the support it is given: a problem with your home laptop can be at best an annoyance; a problem with a PC or server at work can cost a business a day or more of income. OGL works in IT partnership with many businesses in Cheltenham to provide rapid support (telephone/remote response plus an on-site engineer response within four hours, if necessary) at a fixed-cost contract, from our team of over 50 fully-qualified IT Support Engineers.

Caring for your IT also means ongoing advice on which solutions are right for your organisation, including Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Readers of The Cheltonian are currently being offered a free, no obligation IT Infrastructure Health Analysis. Give me a call on 01299 873 873 or e-mail for more information.