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Almost daily one reads about another ‘celebrity’ undertaking some form of plastic surgery. These articles in turn attract the more controversial topics about the importance of ensuring you opt for a licensed and reputable surgeon/therapist/nurse to administer the transformation. Up until now, no matter what research one does, there have been no guarantees and no governing body.

Welcome to IHAS (Independent Healthcare Advisory Service). This is a guide for people considering cosmetic surgery and includes a list of recommended practitioners, organisations and facilities that are qualified to administer injectable cosmetic treatments. Not only that but they must qualify the stringent guidelines to be accepted into this new bible. sk:n is delighted to be the first large clinic group in the country to achieve their Quality Assurance Mark

Andy Randall, Managing Director, sk:n clinics, says of the IHAS Register of injectable Cosmetic Providers, “As the largest and leading provider of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the UK, with 10% of the UK’s dermatologists working for us and 36 clinics nationwide, sk:n is completely committed to providing a safe and professional service to its clients.” “Unfortunately, there are many ‘rogue’ injectable practitioners who do not operate under the same strict medical qualifications, ethics and safety policies as we do, which is harming the reputation of the industry. For this reason, we have been actively calling for a regulation scheme of this kind for some time and are delighted to be the first large clinic group in the country to achieve the Quality Assurance Mark. At last the public will be able to vet their injectables provider with confidence and we hope this will spell the end of incompetent, unqualified practitioners.”

It’s even easier for the public to access the information – just simply type in and everything you need to know can be found on this user-friendly web site. It is wonderful and so easy to use, and really does tell the enquirer everything you need to know. Hopefully now we will not be subjected to the hideous Trout Pout that went so wrong or other horror’s onwards and upwards for all types of cosmetic surgery – book in now!

This week I had my 5th laser hair removal on my underarms – of my allotted package of 8 sessions under the magic light. There is absolutely no question whatsoever, it has definitely done ‘something’ but to be perfectly honest, I am not as upbeat about the results as I was after treatments one to three. My nurse did tell me that my reaction is perfectly normal, because initially the hair becomes stunned into limited growth but will then become used to the laser and the re-growth does indeed become more prolific. This is indeed what has happened but the hair is much finer and I would say that after the fifth treatment I have had approximately 40% success rate. I do advocate following this route if you want permanent hair removal.