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Filling The Gap


Missing teeth can occur for a number of reasons and are not just age related, for instance trauma due to an accident, through illness, a sporting injury or lost through gum disease. Whatever the reason or your age, having a gap or missing teeth will seriously knock your confidence.

Having trained extensively in Implantology and placed many dental implants in my career, I have witnessed the positive transformation that dental implants have had on my clients and the impact it has had to their confidence. Dental implants are arguably the modern way to resolve the problem of missing teeth, and remove the fear of a denture or bridge coming loose and give you back the ability to enjoy your food once more. They are an extremely successful replacement option for single teeth or offer a more secure alternative for replacing multiple teeth, where a bridge or a denture might otherwise have been used.

Implants also encourage bone density which would otherwise be lost as the jaw would no longer have a tooth to support. Whatever the reason for considering an implant or implants it is guaranteed to restore your confidence when smiling, talking or eating and look completely natural. For many people they say it is like getting their life back!

• An implant offers an excellent cosmetic and functional solution to missing teeth.
• Restores your ability to smile, talk and eat without embarrassment.
• Prevents bone loss that otherwise may occur.
• Preserves healthy gum tissue.
• They are very strong and look completely natural.
• Healthy teeth are not damaged in the process.
• Provides a long term solution to missing teeth, a bridge or a denture.

This is an important decision for you and you need to feel totally confident in your chosen practitioners ability to give you what you want, so don’t hesitate to ask them to share with you some examples of completed cases and they may even offer to put you in touch with a client.

If you have more than one quote for the same treatment make sure you are getting the same high standard of care and expertise, so you are comparing like for like. An inferior quality product will only deliver inferior results - poor appearance, resilience and fit and will cost you far more in the long run.