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Assessment at SK:N crack

Having discovered SK:N, the one-stop clinic in Montpellier Walk, Cheltenham, that covers absolutely everything to do with the skin, I find myself almost unable to live without this magical new find.

To be honest though, as I nudge closer to my 47th year the time has surely come to grow up and take control of myself in a vain attempt to halt the ageing process. Now, I know only too well that the first thing one must do is stay out of the sun but when it shines it brings out a happiness in people that is contagious. This in turn enables me to ‘throw caution to the wind’ and bare my skin to the elements in the belief that a tan will make me look healthier, resulting in me feeling better. Every year I tell myself that this is the last time I will emerge with a tan and that next year I will take a leaf out of my friends’ book and wear sun-block or at least a hat. It never works...until now.

Taking advantage of SK:N’s latest offer of a skin analysis for just £1.00 I decided to have a go. It’s a painless procedure governed by one of their resident nurses or in-house therapists. I was taken into a consulting room and asked a few questions about my cleansing routine, lifestyle etc which really just enabled my nurse to get a thorough understanding and insight into the sort of products and treatments my skin is crying out for. I was then asked to place my face into the scanner (aka Woods Lamp) which shines a black light onto the skin. This brings out the pigmentation under the skin surface that the eye cannot see, namely sun damage. It also allows the analyst to verify her initial findings via the questionnaire because the scanner really shows, in fine detail, any dehydration, oiliness and dead skin cells on the surface.

Well, what can I say? I was shocked, stunned even at the results bought about from my annual tan. What I have realised is that, each morning when I look in the mirror, the sight is not such a pretty one so I immediately apply make up to cover up the imperfections, allowing the skin tone to appear more ‘controlled’. The scanner strips away any illusion that make up can achieve to the extent that I can honestly say the time has come to stay out of the rays and up my water intake. I had sun spots on my cheeks, forehead and chin, dehydration under the eyes and an oily nose!

SK:N recommend a range of treatments which will help and a list of products and make up that is sympathetic with my diagnosis. It was only when I was given this list did I actually realise that I had never been given an unbiased prognosis of the products available before.

It is well worth taking up the opportunity to have the analysis done. Unfortunately, due to the high intake you will have to make a booking but I really recommend you do so before the damage is so great. Another fact well worth knowing is that any concerns you may have, namely thread veins or moles can be referred to their in-house doctor. We only have one face so please, look after it!