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65% Of Brits Like It Best In Bed!

New Survey Investigates Nation’s Reading Habits crack

As the nights start drawing in most of us find ourselves looking for entertainment that revolves around staying indoors as autumn and winter descend. Despite living in an era characterised by the Internet, computer games and fast-paced technology, curling up with a good book is still a top pastime for Brits.

With the results of the 2010 Man Booker Prize currently being debated, online recommendation service the Listbook has released the results of a poll that sheds light on our nation’s reading habits.

‘In Bed’ hit the top spot with 65% of the vote, suggesting that home really is where the heart is when it comes to reading. On the beach and on holiday took the second and third spots.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the boys picked the loo as one of their preferred places for a quiet read. The smallest room came in at third place for the guys (and failed to get a single vote from the girls).

And tellingly, 100% of 20-25 year olds went for bed as their favourite place to read a book. This could be an indication that this age group are not all flighty, out all night people they are often portrayed to be, instead making more conventional lifestyle choices at an earlier age.

The website responsible for the survey is The team behind the site, which launched in July, hope it will become a popular site for finding recommendations and information and for knowledge and opinion sharing all based on what visitors add to the site. All contributions to the site are presented in list form – the easiest and most accessible way for people to read and remember information. In essence the Listbook is a totally democratic way for anyone to access, provide and share information, knowledge and opinions.

The Listbook team are encouraging more bookworms to log on to the site and add their own lists about books along with their favourite spots to curl up and read.

“The results are continually evolving as new visitors to the Listbook contribute their own lists, reflecting their individual views and opinions. It doesn’t matter if you like chick lit, popular thrillers or highbrow literary novels – everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute whatever they want, and not just about their reading habits, but on any subject you can think of – as long as it is in a list of course”, says the Listbook founder, Robert Colquhoun.”

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