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Starfish Trust are truly Stars for Star!

The Starfish Trust has donated an amazing £150,000 to the National Star College’s new hydrotherapy pool. To celebrate this and the next milestone in the College’s Star Appeal development Bob Woodward from The Starfish Trust came along to College to give the cheque to students and see the pool as it nears completion.

The pool will be named ‘The Starfish Pool’, and will be located within the brand new Therapies Centre currently being built at the College. Hydrotherapy is used to treat conditions affecting muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and other soft tissues and joints, and also benefits those with acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis. The very warm water allows muscles to relax and eases pain – so increasing ease of movement. At the same time, exercising in water helps build strength, while still protecting and supporting muscles and joints. It allows the user freedom of movement they can never otherwise experience.

Kate Green from the National Star College said: “Hydrotherapy sessions are currently delivered at the College’s swimming pool, which greatly limits the College’s capacity to deliver this much-needed therapy. Thanks to the fabulous support of the Starfish Trust a dedicated hydrotherapy pool will be built within the Therapies Centre, enabling the College to offer more hydrotherapy sessions to a greater number of students and the wider community.”

The Starfish Trust is a Bristol based charity, and has made grants totalling more than £5million to organisations and individuals throughout the south west of the UK. The prime focus of the trust has been to award grants to enhance the quality of life for disabled persons, and in particular disabled children.

The Starfish Trust, founded and personally funded by retired Bristol business couple Charlie and Mary Dobson, is run by Chief Executive Bob Woodward, founder of CLIC (Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood) - now CLIC Sargent.

Bob Woodward, Chief Executive of the Trust said: “Having visited the Star College over a number of years, I never cease to be amazed at the invaluable service that is being provided, an a daily basis, to the young students. There is always a sense of wellbeing and security for the youngsters, which is a firm basis on which they can build self-esteem and gain confidence to face the challenges that lie ahead. The Starfish Trust is delighted to assist The Star Appeal in its exciting new project.”

Photo shows (left to right): David Ellis (NSC Chief Executive), Hannah Wilkinson (NSC student), Bob Woodward (Starfish Trust), Maria Patey (NSC student) & Polly White (NSC Senior Physiotherapist)