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The Modern-Day Male


Last year the mainstream media discovered a new species of British male. He was fashionably dressed, spent time and money on personal grooming and looked like Jude Law in Alfie. The trouble is that in its fascination with the habits of the sophisticated urban male, the press missed the fact that the real changes in men’s appearance were taking place beyond the city centre, in the high streets, throughout the suburbs and even on the football and rugby terraces.

The perception of masculine good looks has undergone a tremendous transformation in the past few years. Men not only want to look their best, they now recognise the importance of being flawlessly groomed. Men no longer consider that manicured fingernails or smooth skin detract from their masculinity. Awareness of appearance is becoming paramount in the psychology of the modern male.

This change in opinion with the modern-day male has led to the dramatic growth of the male grooming salon throughout the UK. They have become beacons for all types of male who care about, and want to maintain, their appearance and well-being.

Cheltenham is of no exception and can now officially welcome the first male grooming salon in the Gloucestershire area to its streets.

Mccaffreys male grooming in Montpellier has become such a beacon for male grooming. The slick four story salon and spa based at 4 Montpellier Avenue has been designed to cater for every man’s grooming needs. No detail was overlooked whilst refurbishing this grade 2 listed building. Whether it’s the face value of the salon with the sports on the TVs, the complementary Wi Fi for the busy businessman, the free fresh coffee and beers or the flashes of chrome and brown leather, Mccaffreys has thought of it all.

At Mccaffreys the environment is just as important as everything else. The philosophy adopted is that men need to feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease in the surroundings of a salon to really fulfil their grooming needs.

Mccaffreys really challenge men to come in and sample the “Mccaffreys experience”. This sense of men truly relaxing and having an experience whilst in a salon is something previously impossible to achieve in the unisex hairdresser or beauty salon. Mccafferys breaks the mould; it’s masculine, stylish and would make any male feel instantly comfortable having any service. We can now start to see why these beacons of male grooming have become so popular with all males and Mccaffreys is no exception.

You then begin to scratch beneath the incredibly masculine exterior and reach the core of the salon, the grooming services. If your concern is an ageing face, an aching back, problems shaving, unwanted body hair, grown-out hair or even tired eyes, everything is catered for. It is the magnitude of services available within Mccaffreys which is the truly impressive factor. They have left no stone unturned and really provided every service a man might need.

If you are trying to unwind after a busy working week, a daily groomer or someone indulging in a one-off treat you will find it all at Mccaffreys. The strap line of the salon is “Appreciate the difference” and as well as the environment they have created the true difference is in the services they have to offer. Nowhere else within the Gloucestershire area offers as much for a man’s grooming needs as Mccaffreys Male Grooming.