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Having recently become a father, I was taken by surprise at quite how wonderful the whole experience was. From months of preparation, through to being a birthing partner and cutting the umbilical cord, the whole experience is one that you can’t really quantify until you go through it for yourself. I can honestly say that it was the most exciting nine months that I have ever known in my life so far.

I was also completely amazed at how the woman who I have loved for some time has been hiding her identity from me as a super human, possibly from another planet, who has a tolerance to 16 hours of what can only be described as “discomfort” from the way she handled it. Seeing the look on her face as she saw our son for the first time is something I don’t think I can do justice in words. It was truly a complete array of all emotions in one. I on the other hand either shed more than a few tears or “had something in my eye” depending who’s word you believe.

Expecting your baby, whether it’s your first, or one of many is an incredibly special and wonderful time. What better way to create a lasting memory of your pregnancy and your new arrival than to have gorgeous images that capture the beauty and magic of this wonderful life event.

Here at Matt Brodie Photography we offer beautiful, bespoke and timeless imagery of your pregnancy and of your new born baby. Shooting for you either in your home or in the studio, we will provide you with images that will last a lifetime and serve as a wonderful memory.

Shooting within the home offers you the advantage of being comfortable and familiar with your surroundings. It is also a wonderful way to record where you were when you you were waiting for your new arrival. Having a studio session on the other hand can offer you a more High Street style, editorial experience with clean backgrounds and a neutral feel.

Pregnancy is the beginning of a breathtaking journey, a journey where a woman becomes a mother, and a couple becomes a family… celebrate by capturing it forever.

Sittings start from as little as £30.00 which is redeemable against any product purchased. You are able to chose between various products ranging from framed prints and canvases, through to coffee table books and digital files that you are free to use for printing or placing on your favourite social network.

Visit or give us a call on 01242 693021 to book your sitting

Because every bump is beautiful and every pregnancy unique.