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Question 1 - I have heard that by shaping my eyebrows, it can give the effect of an eyelift. Is this really true?

Answer - Unruly eyebrows can indeed appear to drag the eyes down. To lift the brows, you need to work with your natural shape. It is no good admiring your favourite star’s brows and
wanting to copy them.

There is a three-step approach:

1. Draw an imaginary line up from the corner of the nose to the brow. Hair inside this line needs to be removed to stop the eyes looking too close together.

2. Draw a line from the corner of the nose through the outer corner of the eye and continue up to the brow. Any hair out of this line needs to be removed to prevent dragging eyes down.

3. When looking forward draw the imaginary line up from the centre of the eye to the brow. This is where the arch should begin.

This process will achieve your own natural shape and have the desired lifting effect.

Fashion dictates many other looks but beware, as sometimes the hair on the brows will not grow back. The thin line required in the 1950’s has left a generation of ladies with virtually no eyebrows.

A useful tip if you are unsure is to visit your local salon to give you your shape, and then maintain at home.

Question 2 - How often should I replace my eyeshadows?

Answer - Their shelf life is 6-12 months. As with other products, exposure to air, light and moisture act as a breeding ground for bacteria. Keep eyeshadows in a dry place away from direct heat and sunlight, don’t share makeup, and wash brushes weekly in warm soapy water.

Use this as a chance to update your colours with the latest fashion trends every few seasons.

Question 3 - I keep getting hangnails, which get very sore. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Answer - Hangnails are not the nail but strips of skin that separate from the cuticle. They can become very painful and can catch on clothing.

They develop due to dty skin, and are very common with nail biting due to dryness. To remove a hangnail use nail scissors to cut the dry tag of skin. It is often easier to do this having previously soaked the finger in warm water for a few minutes. Use an antibacterial lotion after removal to prevent infection.

To prevent further hangnails moisturise the hands regularly. I would also recommend the use of a vegetable oil on the cuticles twice a day for added protection and hydration.

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