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Come Out From The Cold... To Le Spa crack

The clocks may have gone back and the cold weather has definitely arrived but that doesn’t mean that we have to retreat to the sofa, throw on our ‘comfies’ and resign ourselves to high heating bills and bad TV (apart from maybe the odd ‘talent contest’…). With new exciting fashions in our shops, warming winter casseroles in our crock pots and the festive season fast approaching we have plenty to look forward to!

And Le Spa in Cirencester is providing even more reasons to help us feel good about ourselves with the new exclusive range of Heaven treatments by Deborah Mitchell, favourite with celebrities including Dannii Minogue, Emilia Fox and Paul Sculfor. At the top of our ‘we want it’ list is the Slimming Lymph Drainage Massage, AKA the ‘manual liposuction’. This is a vigorous, yet relaxing ‘hands on’ treatment; Lymphatic fluid containing toxins are circulated and flushed out of the body leaving room for fresh lymphatic fluid to enter, acting as an internal body cleaner. According to Deborah Mitchell, this treatment has been specifically designed to enable clients to lose weight as well as fluid, making it an ideal way to kick-start a diet programme – some clients have claimed to lose 4lbs in one treatment! It is championed by Dannii Minogue who used it to help her lose her baby weight. As well as aiding weight loss, the treatment is also known to help relieve a range of health problems due to its internal cleansing effects, including flu symptoms, allergies, fluid retention, digestive problems, arthritis and IBS. The Slimming Lymph Drainage Massage is available at Le Spa priced at £95 for 1 hour (remember to wear your tightest pair of jeans so that you can really feel the difference!).

For those with very busy schedules, or who simply fancy something a little less ‘hands on’, then look no further than the Heaven Angel Face Lift, apparently just as it sounds; a heavenly facial with lifting effects. It uses Lymph drainage and Acupressure movements to lift and tone the skin, leaving you looking and feeling years younger all in the space of 45 minutes – and it won’t mess up your hair! Alongside the physical results, the Heaven Angel Face Lift is thought to be excellent for people with insomnia, stress and anxiety problems. And if you need any more reasons to indulge, Heaven’s unique range of skincare products have also been proven to help skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, oily and blemished skin. The Heaven Angel Face Lift costs £75 for 45 minutes.

The range of Heaven treatments and products are now available exclusively at Le Spa for the South West and all of Le Spa’s therapists have been personally trained by Deborah Mitchell to provide immediate, noticeable results. But don’t take our word for it, come and try them out for yourself!