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Street Style Competition

Fashion fades, but style is eternal. crack

Remember ‘Street Mate’ Davina McCall running around the streets spotting ‘eligible’ passersby to line up for a date? Perhaps you were spotted when the show was filmed in our town?

Well match making isn’t our bag, Darren and Catherine bear little resemblance to Davina and they certainly won’t be chasing you down the street with a cameraman in tow. They will however have a photographer and will be spotting passersby who ooz what we call ‘Street Style’.

To celebrate their new venture, Love It 2!, owners of the ladies’ wear stores Darren and Catherine Britton-Jeal are, along with The Cheltonian, launching a new competition to find people with a natural style who could scoop hundreds of pounds in prizes.

Starting this month, on a Saturday, Darren or Catherine will take to the streets with a photographer searching for that certain someone aged from 18 upwards and any size or shape or sex who is oozing natural ‘style’. Whether dressed in Primark, Chanel, Gucci or M&S they will spot that star quality and stop you in the street. And if you are happy to join in the fun you can scoop £200 to spend in the shop plus lots of other goodies too. And feature in the next edition of The Cheltonian!

Darren explained the thinking behind the launch of ‘Street Style’. He said: “I am always amazed and delighted by all the stylish people you see around you every day in Cheltenham. I’m not talking about fashion, we aren’t looking for people dressed head to toe in designer clothes or a size 0, it’s about looking good in whatever you may be wearing.”

“I saw an elderly lady crossing the road recently and she looked incredible. So stylish – it’s something money can’t buy.”

Darren adds “Men may think this is aimed at finding stylish ladies, but that’s not the case! Men have just as much natural style, and those £200 vouchers to spend with us would be a perfect way to solve the problem of what to buy your loved ones for Christmas!”

Entering this competition couldn’t be easier. If you have a unique style, if you look the part and stand out from the crowd, if you’ve made an effort to look good, then you could be in for a pleasant surprise and a couple of hundred pounds worth of new clothes for your wardrobe.

And when it comes to selecting a winner from our stylish town no doubt the Street Style team will be spoilt for choice.

Love It! can be found on the second floor of the Beechwood Arcade and has just expanded it’s unique range of ladies’ clothing and accessories into their former shop, Thread Shed, which is just next door and offers top class European styles at affordable prices.

Love It & Love It 2
Beechwood Shopping Centre

T: 01242 260 613