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Lady Zone


With Christmas fast approaching the annual New Year resolution list will soon be upon us. This year there’s one resolution I won’t fail! The ‘get fit’ promise has been a regular feature on my resolutions list every year since turning 30!

In the summer I discovered Ladyzone and if, like me, you find conventional gyms intimidating then this could be the place for you. Ladyzone, as the name suggests, is for women only.

I went along to my free trial with hesitation I’m not a fan of regular gyms (seems to me they are full of people who look great and don’t actually need to be there!) I was shown around the facilities including a short session on each of the exercise stations. The instructor was reassuring and encouraged me to ‘work’ a little harder! We then discussed membership and looked at the different options. It wasn’t a hard sell, but they didn’t need to bother as it was perfect for me.

Ladyzone is situated near the railway station on the Gloucester Road. There’s free parking at the back, it can get busy, but I’ve never had any trouble parking.

The changing room with lockers are clean. There’s a kitchen and relaxing area which are particularly useful if working out during your lunch hour.

The workout area is in the main building, it’s a small space when compared to most gyms, but more than adequate and as the building is a converted church the ceiling height gives a real sense of space.

My first session was with an instructor, I had to complete a health questionnaire. My measurements, weight and blood pressure were all checked. We then discussed my goals and my programme was put together accordingly. I then started my workout with the instructor showing me how to use the machines and correcting my posture.

The ‘workout’ consists of 10 stations and lasts for 30 minutes. This really appealed to me as I attend after work 3 times a week and as it’s just 30 minutes the remainder of my evening is free. I also picked Ladyzone because of the atmosphere. I always feel welcome by both the instructors and other members who range from young women to retired ladies. The workout stations are arranged in a circuit which makes it really social too. There are specific workout classes (these are extra and not included in the membership fee) and advice on eating for weight loss is also available.

I’ve been a member of Ladyzone for about 6 months and would encourage any woman looking for an alternative to the ‘gym’ to try it. Why wait for the New Year?