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A new Gloucestershire company is urging homeowners worried about fuel price hikes or climate change to install solar panels now while a ‘generous’ government aid scheme remains on offer.

Adrian Williams, managing director of Bredon-based Solar Technology PV Energy, says the financial outlook is currently very sunny for those embracing green technologies.

“Homeowners can currently take advantage of the generous feed-in tariffs incentive which will pay them for the electricity generated on their roof,” he says. “The tariff will be reviewed in the next year or so, so it’s my advice to get on board now.”

The tariff, introduced in April, guarantees home power generators 41.3p per kilowatt hour which can bring in tax free earnings of up to £1,000 a year.

According to the Met Office, Gloucestershire is twenty-second in the UK’s sunniest county league, with 1, 409 hours of sunshine a year, which means returns can be even higher.

Solar Technology says installing solar panels can cut electricity bills by half but Mr Williams is also keen to stress the environmental benefits of solar power.

“As well as saving you money, it reduces carbon emissions which means the UK can have more secure, green energy supply.”

While Solar Technology PV Energy is a new venture, its sister company, Solar Technology International, has been supplying major retailers with their Freeloader solar powered gadget chargers and other portable devices for over a decade. Williams says,

“We have been very successful in the last twelve years and know solar inside out, our portable products are used by people working in extreme conditions or just in their garden shed. Charging mobile phones, powering garden lights, we do it all. It’s a small step for us to move into the domestic generation market.”

The surge in the use of solar power will also contribute to Gloucestershire’s economy by creating employment opportunities. The firm plans to triple its workforce by New Year by taking on more administrative, sales and surveying staff.

Williams says, “We are helping green the country and doing our bit to build the low carbon economy. Generating clean energy in as many ways possible has to be the way forward. We aim to cover the whole of the UK eventually but we are starting close to home first.”

The company aims to carry out at least 25 installations by early next year before rolling out sales across neighbouring counties. It is currently carrying out a mail drop of 8,000 brochures to homes in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire.

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