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Science, Spirituality And Sound Alchemy

Conscientious Fundraisers Unite crack

Scientist Dr David Hamilton, meditation teacher Sandy Newbigging and sound healer Tim Wheater joined forces to stage an epic fundraiser event at Cheltenham Town Hall on Friday 4th February.

Entitled Science, Spirituality and Sound Alchemy, the unique event raised £800 for the Isbourne Foundation, a Cheltenham charity aiming to create positive lives – both locally via its spiritual education programmes at the Isbourne Holistic Centre, and also in Africa, where its outreach project IT Schools Africa is helping transform IT education, and in Egypt via associated charity the Makhad Trust which works to preserve the livelihood of the Sinai Bedouin.

David, author of Why Kindness is Good for You among numerous other books, spoke about the benefits of a kind attitude; Sandy, author of new book Peace in Your Life explained how to find inner peace amid the stresses and strains of 21st century living, and Tim – who has played alongside musical legends like Eurythmics and Donovan - spliced these positive messages with interludes of healing sounds, calling on giant gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and various indigenous instruments to create a symphony of primal reverberations. He even inspired the audience to join him in the communal chanting of Tibetan and Sanskrit mantras, the stresses of the week dropping swiftly away as they sang their hearts out.

David explained how practising kindness makes you happier and improves your health, helping reduce the chance of illnesses like heart disease. ‘During my work as a scientist, I came across scientific research showing kindness was more effective at treating heart disease than a drug costing quarter of a billion pounds,’ he reported. He divulged that practising kindness produces the same ‘feelgood’ chemicals in the brain as drugs like morphine and heroin, yet with only positive impact on the mind and body. And just the simple act of giving people hugs can apparently affect heart health. ‘A hug a day keeps the cardiologist away!’ he japed.

Sandy explained –with wisdom gleaned from learnt experience - that inner peace doesn’t come from the pursuit of outside goals like money, success or fancy cars - but from focussing on the inner peace already present within you, as accessed via meditation. He also recommended not trying to control life, instead going with the natural flow of things. ‘Non resistance is peace,’ he said. ‘If you’re struggling with something in your life, ask yourself “What am I resisting?” ’

Tim’s finale of sonic vibrations left the audience wonderfully uplifted and seemed to beautiful resonate with and reflect the evening’s messages of kindness, peace and connection, adding fuel to these lessons to go away with.


Sandy Newbigging runs a meditation retreat at the Isbourne Holistic Centre Friday 4th - Sunday 6th March sharing techniques designed to help rise above the chatter of the mind into a direct experience of inner peace and happiness (Friday 7.00pm - 9.30pm; Saturday/Sunday 10.00am-4.00pm; cost £200).

The Isbourne Holistic Centre is at 4 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham, GL50 1TH. Further info/bookings:
T: 01242 254321; E: