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SK:N - Razor Amnesty Month


I’ve said it before and I will happily say it again: sk:n, the nationwide clinic who are experts in everything to do with the skin, are always one step ahead. They appear to revolutionise the industry and in doing so bam blast the competition.

Sk:n have identified the untold problem most of us suffer with, unwanted hair and have earmarked the month of March as ‘The Razor Amnesty Month’ – clever stuff! What it entails is handing in your razor to one of their 37 clinics (Montpellier is the closest for my readers) and in return you will receive a free laser hair removal test patch and an in-depth consultation with a sk:n expert, normally worth £25!

For anyone who has followed my column this past year, you will note that I have been the happy recipient of laser hair removal on my underarms. Being of Hispanic origin, I am .... well ...... I am quite hairy! Therefore, after my initial consultation and armed with lots of after care instructions, I was delighted to lie back on the couch and let one of their qualified nurses, in my case Faye, go to work with the magic laser gun. I was dubious because I was born that way! But after 8 short sessions I am now the proud owner of hairless underarms. On closer inspection and with my glasses on, there are a couple of stragglers but I could quite happily lie back with my arms behind my head and feel confident - how many of you could say that?

Needless to say, it really, really does.

In just one year us Brits can spend up to £1.8 billion on razors for hair removal! And that figure does not include all the creams and waxing sessions we use in the vain attempt to be hair free. It’s a staggering statistic and what is more, in a lifetime most of us will spend £8,000 waxing our legs. Now, if you invested in a laser session on just your legs you would be making a whacking saving of £7,000!

Laser hair removal at sk:n is quick, much faster than waxing and relatively painless. When the laser gets to work it feels like elastic bands hitting onto the skin but if I were to be really critical, I would say it’s the cold air hitting the skin that hurts the most – and that is so bearable really. And what is more is that it works on even the most sensitive of skin plus, they can use a longer pulsed YAG laser which works wonders on Asian or Afro-Caribbean complexions. So there is no excuse....Do it!

With Spring in the air and Summer around the corner I would advise anyone to take up this wonderfully generous offer and throw in your razor for an assessment. Just think, a summer of freedom without having to worry about wearing bikinis or short skirts, even skimpy tops – with a hair-free body anything is possible – how liberating is that?

Call 0800 028 7222 to book you free test patch, or visit for more information.