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Nip And Tuck Without The Knife crack

She’s been offering Cotswold ladies state of the art ‘nip/tuck without the knife’ for 7 years. Talking exclusively to The Cheltonian, Clare Cole of Cotswold Aesthetics shares the secret of beautytek.

If you accept as I do, that 50 is the new 40, and 40 the new 30, you’ll be feeling fitter, healthier and more energetic than your parents’ generation. But feeling great isn’t enough these days; we need to look it, too. Life has changed. Many are dating through their middle years or lining up for job interviews alongside dynamic young twenty-somethings. Appearance is a fundamental part of our identity, the way we ‘face’ the world. And the pressure to look healthy and vibrant is ever present.

But when that pressure mounts, what to do? In the past, all it took was an expert hairdresser, who could snip, colour, straighten or curl you to a lifted look. Add a quick trip to the beautician and a few sessions in the gym and hey presto, the youthful self would re-emerge butterfly-like from the chrysalis. It’s still great advice, but doesn’t have quite the same effect any more.

More and more people are turning to surgery to recover their youthful appearance, but all medical intervention carries risks and the ‘f word’ (facelift) is scary. There’s a lot at stake and you can’t just throw an Armani jacket over your head if something goes wrong. This is where beautytek comes in!

It’s good to know that science continues to make great advances, and with it state of the art non surgical beauty solutions. Loved by celebs like Kate Winslet, beautytek works naturally with your body’s own self repair systems, to revive the way you look. Nothing frozen; no surgery, needles, or pain. And you emerge looking thinner, firmer and younger!

How does it work? This clever medical technology uses bio-cybernetics and artificial intelligence to analyse cell chemistry and create a treatment process carefully calibrated for each individual. Supported by a computerised programme, your therapist uses a special electrolyte gel and the beautytek probe, which is rolled over the area to be treated. It’s computer controlled for safety, leaving no room for error, and the system is continuously monitored, providing second by second, personalised optimisation.

The beautytek programme increases bloodflow and metabolism, balances body fluids and stimulates lymphatic pathways. This allows surplus water, fatty acids and toxins to be removed by the body’s natural processes. Many people choose the beautytek reduction programme, for a visibly thinner appearance. The treatment dehydrates fatty clusters causing them to break down more easily. Most importantly, this actually shrinks the size of the area being treated, giving a thinner appearance and an amazing confidence boost.

So if you get misty-eyed at old photos of yourself, or find it harder to locate your jaw-line; look tired, even after a string of early nights, or if your middle is spreading and not responding to the usual regime, then it’s time to give us a call.

It’s never too late, but the sooner you start the better your results. So try beautytek now - an introductory treatment is just £85 with the gift voucher. Call Clare quoting The Cheltonian and start feeling more confident today.