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Filling The Gap


If you have ever cut your lip or had a mouth ulcer do you remember how self-conscious you felt and how huge the problem seemed! So to have a missing tooth or teeth can make you feel very self-conscious and is a condition not bound by age as missing teeth occur for a number of reasons, such as trauma due to an accident, illness or even a sporting injury and affect young and old alike. Whatever the reason or your age, it will undoubtedly have knocked your confidence and impact directly on the way you lead your life – often far more than you realise.

Not just for replacing a single tooth

Having trained extensively in Implantology and placed many dental implants in my career, I have witnessed the positive transformation that dental implants bring to my clients and the impact it has on their confidence. Dental implants are arguably the modern way to resolve the problem of missing teeth, and remove the fear of a denture or a bridge coming loose, giving you back the ability to enjoy your food once more. They are ideal for single teeth and are a more secure option for replacing multiple teeth, where a bridge or a denture might otherwise have been used, and to fit them healthy teeth are not sacrificed in the process.

How do they Work?

By their very nature Implants also encourage bone density in the jaw which would otherwise be lost, as it would no longer have a tooth to support and this can result in a sunken facial appearance. For an Implant to be fitted a titanium post is placed into the jaw which encourages the bone to grow around it and with it a healthy blood supply. Simply, the jaw is supporting the implant the same way it would your own natural tooth and very often it is a lot stronger!

A crown is then fitted to the Implant, which has been made to match your other teeth, perfectly, and look completely natural. There is nothing for you to remove or worry about coming lose, an Implant will look and behave just like a natural tooth requiring no more attention than your other teeth allowing you to smile, talk and eat again with total confidence! For many people they say it is like getting their life back!

• An Implant offers an excellent cosmetic and functional solution to missing teeth.

• Restores your ability to smile, talk and eat without embarrassment.

• Prevents bone loss that otherwise may occur.

• Preserves healthy gum tissue.

• They are strong and look completely natural.

• Healthy teeth are not damaged in the process.

• Provides a long term solution to missing teeth,
a bridge or denture.

Finally, if you are getting more than one quote for your treatment make sure you are getting the same high standard of care and expertise, so you can compare like for like. Most dentists will be pleased to show you other examples of their work or share with you the number of implants they have fitted – we don’t get the opportunity to showcase our work very often and most of us enjoy doing it! Remember an inferior quality product will only deliver inferior results – poor appearance, resilience and fit and will cost you far more in the long run.