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Whiles Businesses Increasingly Rely On Out Of Office Workers, It's Imperative That They Extend Their IT Security Protection To Accommodate Mobile Working crack

Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile or home-based out-of-office workers. Changing lifestyles can make home-working more flexible for employees, and new emerging technologies has made more out-of-office working increasingly possible for job roles frequently based ‘in the field’, such as sales representatives or on-site technicians. So too has weather conditions had an impact, with the winter’s snow preventing many from reaching their place of work, forcing working from home if the means are available.

To maximise work possibility if your staff are forced to stay at home, or indeed if you wish to promote and enable mobile, out-of-office working, your organisation requires the right hardware. A laptop or even a netbook is an obvious requirement, and if your mobile workers don’t have access to a physical internet router connection, their laptop requires either a Wi-Fi capability, if they’re working in a Wi-Fi Hotspot, or a 3G connection ability if they wish to access the internet from a remote location.

But introducing the internet also introduces potential security risks, both to your employees’ own laptop, the files and data it contains, and also the possible connection to your business’ network. Your mobile workers will likely have to access your organisation’s network to access files and to share, save and create backup records of their work, but the key is ensuring a safe connection both to and from your organisation’s network. This is the job of a firewall, which basically controls access into and out of a network, helping to prevent unauthorised access – intentional hacking – into your network and its data.

WatchGuard is the world’s leading provider of firewalls and its SSL range is the most ideally suited protection for remote-access workers as it only requires physical hardware installation at your office premises and does not need an individual software installation on your employees’ laptops. This way, access to your network is granted to your employees via a web log in page, much like how you would log in to your bank account online. OGL Computer is a WatchGuard Enterprise Partner and we regularly provide advice to businesses in Cheltenham on how they can best protect their IT infrastructure.

While a firewall provides an excellent level of protection against those wishing to penetrate your IT network’s defences from an external location, its strength depends on the use of a standard, static password – a single password which you use repeatedly. The problem with a ‘static’ password is that it can be guessed or even acquired as often passwords are written down and are either lost or stolen. The solution is two-factor authentication combined with a one-time only password. This means that to access your IT network your mobile workers are required to provide a standard password plus an additional password (hence the two-factors) which is instantly generated for use on one occasion only. CRYPTOCard is one of the most recognised providers of such technology, providing a one-time only password to a user generated at the touch of a button on key fob.

In addition to providing the leading anti-virus protection according to the latest IT industry reviews, which is essential for a laptop or netbook, Kaspersky Lab can also encrypt smart phones. The new Kaspersky Mobile Security for smart phones enables lost or stolen phones to be relocated, thanks to GPS technology, and can block or wipe your phone remotely, even if the original SIM card is replaced.

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