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Keep Your Bins And Caddies Clean

Glevum Paper Liners crack

Glevum Paper Liners are a Gloucester based company and are keen supporters and contributors of recycling in Gloucestershire. They stock, sell and actively promote the use of biodegradable/compostable food waste liners to assist local Councils with their kerbside food waste collection and recycling initiatives.

Darryl Weaver owns the company which supplies paper caddy liners in the Gloucestershire area. The liners are made from 100% compostable paper that makes your caddy bins quick to empty and helps keep them fresh and clean.

‘I really started the business from an original idea of my wife,’ he told me. ‘We were getting stressed with the smells and state that the bins can get into. It was really quite disgusting and my wife made a throw away comment that there must be something that you can put in the bins to keep them clean. I searched the internet and after a few production samples and trials found the liners that we use now.’

Darryl has been selling the liners in Gloucester, Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Tewksbury since April 2010 and also has online customers from other parts of the country.

‘The feedback is really positive,’ he continued, ‘with many customers having repeat monthly orders.’

Initially, when looking for the right product, Darryl found that many alternative liners were either too expensive or made of thin paper that would tear and fall apart when full of waste food. Glevum Paper Liner are strong, wet strength Kraft paper and fully certified as compostable. Several Gloucester residents complained about how to keep the new brown food waste bins hygienic and Gloucester City Council recommended using newspapers or compostable paper bags. From experience, the newspaper sticks to the caddy when emptied, leaving wet paper and rotting food at the bottom. Glevum Paper liners are strong even when wet and don’t stick to the caddy, making it easier to empty and keep clean.

Darryl said, ‘We see this as an opportunity for us to play a part and for others to join in the task of improving and conserving our local environment. Over time we hope to help change attitudes, habits and ways of thinking about how best to recycle our ‘personal’ waste. Food waste is a huge contributor to the environmental problems we now face, yet by far the easiest to solve. The products we sell are designed to help us all manage our food waste. Unfortunately we do not have a choice, after all we cannot expect to continue to abuse the environment as we have for generations, we must look and think about the world we intend to leave for our children, and future generations of their children.’

Glevum Paper Liners are certified by Din Certo, Europe’s leading certification organisation. It is only awarded after rigorous testing and shows that the paper is safe to use in the composting process and will not harm the environment.

The aim is to make biodegradable and compostable food waste liners/bags and associated products readily and quickly available at a realistic cost to the general public and for wholesale to business sectors. This will ensure that all products comply with the relevant current and future laws, standards, specification and certification.

For a free ‘try before you buy’ sample you can contact Darryl on:

T: 01452 728360 or 07526 737216