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sk:n - New Year, New You!


How many New Year’s resolutions have you designated for yourselves this New Year? I have, as usual, given
myself a list as long as my arm - I do this every year and they always take the same vein - how I am going to create the body and image that I usually dream of. It’s very easy to devise a New Year Resolution list - what is not so easy is keeping to it as that invariably requires dedication in self-control...what’s that?!

sk:n in Montpellier have yet again jumped on the band-wagon of the average demographic and in doing so have a New Year New Me campaign to whet our appetite and hopefully make the realization of the New Years resolution more attainable.

sk:n are nestled very comfortably into a sumptuous salon in leafy Montpellier where parking is plentiful and discretion is the name of the game. There are so many treatments on offer that it really is worth paying them an introductory visit or having a browse through the web site: as there is surely some gorgeous, reasonably priced specialties on offer that will suit you. They have established themselves as a market leader in everything to do with the skin and are deservedly proud of their unisex following.

I have been fortunate enough to have experienced, over the past year or so, a medley of treatments ranging from skin peels to fillers, laser hair removal to skin analysis - whatever the reason for my visit I have been dealt with efficiently and professionally and if my friends are telling the truth, I don’t look my age - what a result!

The one aspect that has really impressed me is the laser hair removal that I have received on my underarms. About to embark on my 8th and final session I can honestly say that underarm hair is a thing of the past for me. It really works, is quick and relatively painless and I for one, am bowled over with the results. Sk:n have a fantastic promotion running in January where one can visit their salon and experience a free trial of this remarkable and permanent hair removal – it usually costs £25 so do give it a go because I can vouch for the results.

For the rest of you out there who want to start looking after yourself that little bit better, do consider sk:n as a compliment - beauty begins within but we can all do with a little bit of help!