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Sixty Minute Makeover crack

Like most women, I hate having my photograph taken. So, I wanted to find out whether incorporating a Makeover and Photography Studio was a good idea for our business. Since we launched this service as one of many we offer to help improve confidence, I have been amazed at just how popular this is, even for those like me, slightly over weight, slightly middle aged and ever so slightly self conscious at times. Though mostly a very confident person in every other respect apart from having my picture taken. This is down to having had a nose from hell until 7 years ago!

I broke my nose when I was 5 years old. I was swinging on the furniture and suddenly lost my footing and slammed into a cocktail cabinet, one of those monstrous ones from the 60’s with pointy handles and intricate detail (you notice these things when you accidentally get too close!), ouch I recall. But I also remember the telling off I got! A clipped ear was the order of the day back then. No one knew I had broken my nose and over time it developed into what one would describe as a hook nose, or a Roman nose.

At 22 years old I started to snore, though possibly long before then but was unaware. I got colds much more than anyone else. Polyps had started to grow and it was affecting my breathing, but still I carried on. I hated anyone who tried to take my picture at parties etc., they always seemed to catch my profile just to deepen my displeasure at it all. Anyway, eventually at 35 years old after having been told about the snoring by someone very close...say no more, it is not exactly lady like is it? I decided enough was enough.

I took myself off to my GP and explained my issues to him, never really thinking I could get a nose job on the NHS! Well, you can’t, unless it is for more medical reasons than cosmetic ones and thankfully mine was. It was restricting my breathing in one nostril somewhat. Anyway, the ball was well and truly rolling now and off I went several weeks later into surgery. Afterwards, lots of pain, black eyes and for two weeks whilst recovering I was evil. But it was one of the best things I have ever done. I don’t snore now and rarely get any colds. Further more I now have a wicked profile! You see how quickly confidence can grow?

Now I cannot wait for someone to take pictures of me, but I’m old now and don’t go to parties much, so there is much less interest...”arhh” I hear you say? Well don’t worry, our resident photographer Lucinda couldn’t wait to take my mug shot and so you see, here are the results. Julian, our fabulous Make-Up artist who has prepared the faces of Cheryl Cole and Girls Aloud, as well as The Sugarbabes, takes aim at mine now! The results speak for themselves which is why I have attached a before shot for you to compare, Stripped completely naked of make-up and hair product. How brave am I? No one has ever seen me without make-up, except when I was born obviously, and boy was I a hideous baby...head too big for my body etc but .that’s another story.

Now I have experienced what all our clients love to experience, and the champagne really helped! I want to do it again and again. It could become a new obsession, hmmm, I may have to go back to my GP for that one!

Every woman I know has a confidence crisis about weight, hair or skin. In less than 60 minutes you too could look amazing. I firmly believe that everyone has a beauty just waiting to be exposed, sometimes it just needs the right light!

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