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Regain Your Confidence And Smile

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Do your teeth embarrass you? Despite your best efforts to look after your teeth do they still seem to have a mind of their own, not as white as you would like and cross over at will or have gaps where there shouldn’t be gaps, and worse still, have you noticed that your teeth continue to move and change colour as you get older? Not surprisingly if you are already feeling self-conscious about your teeth then it’s quite natural for you to feel even more self-conscious when you smile!

The effects of crooked and discoloured teeth can be extremely demoralising, impacting directly on your confidence and the way you choose to lead your life both socially and in the work place. There is a very effective solution to this and you could achieve that celebrity smile before you know it when your treatment combines two of the most effective procedures giving you the ultimate result – a smile to be proud of! At Cheltenham Dental Spa & Implant Clinic we will assess your smile and give you professional guidance as to the options available, and your crooked and discoloured teeth could soon become a thing of the past, giving you the smile you dreamed of, probably quicker than you realised, and discreetly without telling the world what you are doing!

Straightening teeth preserves the healthy structure of the tooth by just re-aligning them in your mouth – what could be better? There are different ways of achieving this and one of the most discreet but effective methods for straightening teeth , giving you no further cause for embarrassment whilst treatment is underway, is Invisalign and Cheltenham Dental Spa & Implant Clinic are a recognised provider of this amazing treatment. Invisalign is virtually impossible to detect, delivers excellent results and will allow you to carry on with life as normal and your friends and colleagues will probably be unaware that you are having treatment until of course they notice how much straighter your teeth are! To regain your confidence can be as simple as the treatment itself and when completed, this is the ideal time to round off the process with a professional whitening treatment as well, which can make your teeth up to 10 times whiter! You can confidently say goodbye to gaps, overbite, crowding, crooked and discoloured teeth and ‘Hello’ brand new me!

• No unsightly wires or brackets

• Virtually undetectable

• Extremely effective

• Removable during treatment giving you total freedom

• Brushing and flossing continues as normal

• Gives you a clear defined virtual 3D treatment plan so you can see the end result before you start!

• Zoom Advanced Power Whitening to make your teeth up to 10 shades whiter!

So with a little invisible help you can effectively banish those worrisome teeth, improving their colour up to 10 shades whiter and regain your confidence giving yourself something to really smile about!