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Accentuate Your Eyes With Gorgeous Eyelash Extensions

Absolute Beaty crack

Treatment: Eyelash Extensions

Model: Nicki Steele

Nicki has been a client of Absolute Beauty for around 6 years and is a working mother who finds it difficult to juggle looking after the family, going to work AND looking great.

So we thought she deserved the chance to experience eyelash extensions. A great way to look fabulous without any effort! Also, as she suffers with sensitive eyes the extensions will rule out the irritation of having to wear mascara. Just what busy women everywhere have been waiting for!

Therapist: Selina Edmonds - Therapist & Junior Lash Technician

Selina has a real flare for lash extensions. They require a very steady hand and a keen eye.

Before proceeding with the treatment Selina carried out a consultation with Nicki, checking for any eye infections, asking what effect Nicki would like to achieve, checking natural eyelash growth and explaining fully how the lashes are attached and how this is carried out.

Once Selina was confident with Nicki’s requests for length and thickness, she made Nicki comfortable on the beauty couch.

The appointment is booked for 2 hours to include time for the consultation and any questions the clients may have. Dependant on each individual this time can vary by around half an hour.

To start the treatment the lashes are cleansed and any residue thoroughly removed. The lashes must be completely oil free.

Collagen eye pads are then placed over the bottom lashes to prevent the lash extensions sticking to both top and bottom sets of natural lashes.

Selina will already have selected the length and thickness of the lash extensions based on the consultation and the client’s expectations of the finished result. Nicki wanted glamorous, longer, thicker lashes!!

To apply the lashes, the natural eyelashes are separated and a single lash extension is adhered to the whole length of each of the natural lashes using a lash adhesive. This will completely bond the extension in place.

The natural lashes will then grow as normal, with the lash extension attached and as you naturally shed your eyelashes you will loose the extension.

One eye is completed before starting on the 2nd eye but we ask that you lie with your eyes closed for the duration of the treatment.

The lashes are durable and long lasting as long as you follow the after care instructions. After you have your new lashes mascara is not usually required as they are thicker and longer. Eye make up can be worn as usual as long as you are careful not to rub or pull on the lashes whilst removing it.

What did Nicki think?

“WOW!!! They’re amazing! I love them!”

“2 hours sounds like a long time to lie still for but the time flies by! I didn’t feel them being applied, I was in a state of bliss! I don’t feel like a mum or wife when I’m here I just relax and enjoy being me!”

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else now!”


To keep the fabulous look of the new lashes they need to be maintained, a little like nail extensions would be. It is advised, for optimum results, that maintenance is carried out every 2 weeks.

In this appointment the lashes are checked over thoroughly and all the lashes that have been lost are replaced.

With regular appointments you will never have to be without your fabulous lashes.

For further information or to book an appointment please contact:

Absolute Beauty
10 Prestbury Road
GL52 2PW

Telephone: 01242 579 600