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The Benefits Of A Proper Hair Cut

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In previous issues we have discussed the benefits of proper preparation in terms of shaving and products in creating the best results for your well-being and overall appearance. So why shouldn’t this approach extend to your hair? Well of course it should!

Many men reading this will have had the experience of visiting a traditional barbers shop and waiting for their turn to sit in the chair. What follows is a 10 minute session under the clippers, walking out into the daylight feeling shorn and for the short term clean cut.

Shortly after that there is an increasing feeling that maybe the cut is growing out unevenly, getting a bit heavy or even the feeling that it needs to be done again, there is a good reason for this - hairdressers over barbers.

Everyone’s hair grows at different speeds and at varying rates across the scalp; this will also encourage hair to lie in different ways. Barbers (by way of cutting to specific grades) take the hair to the same length no matter where it is. In the short term this creates the right consistent appearance but then, as the hair continues its normal growth pattern, there soon follows the experience and effect of inconsistent length and weight.

With a proper scissor cut carried out by a professional hairdresser, every care will be taken to understand the variation of growth and thickness to produce a cut that is designed to look and feel good for a far longer period of time. The four week cut will almost certainly become the six or seven week cut - extending that ‘just cut’ appearance and feel.

Of course, clippers are traditionally associated with the graded short back and sides cuts, but rest assured: even down to the shortest lengths, a properly applied, professionally delivered haircut will create a better result.

Traditionally the scissor cut has been considered the sole preserve of the trendy hair salon now the recent growth of the male grooming industry has created a significant shift change in this image. Men are beginning to understand the benefits of a proper haircut.

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