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Dandy And Delectable crack

Men who are rarely separated from their casualwear may be set for a clothing crisis... There’s a movement in men’s fashion that’s tipping its bowler hat towards the return of the English gentleman - with a modern-day twist.

Out go the sweatpants, sweaty Converse and logo t-shirts in place of uber-smart substitutes likes brogues, cravats and bow ties. Think visiting the Queen rather than corner shop - the dapper look is back.

Esquire magazine recently searched the country high and low to crown their Best Dressed Real Man and it’s testament to the trend that winner and cover star, 34-year-old Ross Hancock, is a tailor with an eye for natty dressing.

While ladies swing their designer It bags, men can speak volumes about their style via their suiting, which is currently basking in the spotlight from bespoke designer to high street.

So boys, the whistle has been blown on the replica football strips and rugby shirt attire. Going super smart is officially back in the game.


Don’t know your low-slung from your high-waisted? Earn your fashion stripes by tapping into the 2010 way of dressing. Esquire’s style editor Mansel Fletcher reveals the top trends gracing the nation’s suavest guys.

1. Suits

“The lounge suit is a design classic and 10 years after ‘dress down Friday’ threatened its existence, it’s still as popular as ever,” Mansel claims. “The reason is simple: men look better in a suit and so gain advantage professionally and socially by wearing a good one.”

Stylish tip: Slim suits work on waists no bigger than 34in.

2. Bright colour

“There’s an honourable British tradition that favours flashes of bold block colour,” Mansel explains. “The favoured route remains bright splashes in otherwise sober outfits. Good socks are a natural vehicle for this. Alternatively, try layering clothes, mixing the bold and bright with the plain and simple.”

Stylish tip: Colours have to be complementary - scarlet flashes on a navy blue outfit is a fail-safe option.

3. Skinny ties + collars

vogue for button-down collars is part of the current taste for preppy style,” says Mansel. “The original influence is mod, as with skinny ties and lapels, but now it’s just part of the trend for clothes that look almost shrunken.”

Style tip: Tiny collars, small bodies and short necks work best with skinny ties.

4. Jacket + jeans

“Jeremy Clarkson may have given the jacket and jeans combination a bad name, but it remains a versatile, hip and useful combination when done well,” Mansel advises. “Right now that means neat, low-waisted jeans and an unstructured, short and fitted jacket.”

Style tip: Choose a jacket with its own identity; it shouldn’t look like an orphaned suit jacket.

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