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IT Support For Businesses In Cheltenham

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When businesses began moving en masse to computers from type writers, paper filing cupboards and manual accounting systems in the early ‘80’s, OGL helped instigate the revolutionary change across the UK.

Founded in 1976, OGL began supplying typewriters to businesses in the Midlands, but identifying the opportunity, the company rapidly began to develop its IT expertise, supplying computers and beginning software development. From its beginnings, OGL grew in its size and product portfolio and today the company boasts over 170 staff.

“Today OGL Computer specialises in providing IT Support to businesses and organisations throughout Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire,” says Cheltenham IT Consultant, Mark Simmonds.

“We have many customers in Cheltenham and it’s the speed and reliability of our service which our customers benefit from the most,” says Mark.

OGL provides a rapid IT Support response by telephone and remote login via internet connection, and the company is also backed up by an extensive team of IT Technicians who provide on-site service when required.

“Many businesses who do not have a dedicated IT department come to us requiring IT hardware, installation and its support, and they find that we’re the perfect partner to assist them. In addition, larger organisations who do have their own IT Support teams also benefit from an OGL partnership as we can help reduce costs or provide specialist help where necessary,” says Mark.

As OGL benefits from its status as Microsoft Gold Partner and HP preferred Partner, this means that it can also pass on the best prices for IT hardware and software to its customers.

“Partnership with OGL means lower prices for hardware and software, plus lower costs and improved expertise with its care and installation. Our IT Support packages are not only the best priced, but with all costs explained and included in the initial contract, it means no hidden extra charges. Our customers appreciate this as they don’t have to budget for additional charges or worry that they are being unfairly charged for unnecessary items.”

OGL Computer also provides a range of IT solutions designed to improve business processes. OGL Offsite Recovery is a disaster recovery solution, which protects businesses’ data in a highly secure offsite data centre. A business’ data is automatically backed up to the data centre every night via a secure internet connection, and in the event of a disaster, such as a fire, flood or theft, clients can remotely access their data over a broadband internet connection within a maximum period of just 24 hours. Offsite Recovery means the difference between the continuation of operation in the face of a disaster, and being forced to close and lose business for days, weeks, or even permanently.

From data theft to viruses and hackers, IT security is a key concern of businesses across the world, Cheltenham included. As our reliance on IT increases, so will the importance of adequate IT security. OGL’s experts, plus its strong relationship with world leaders in IT security, such as the Russian giant, Kaspersky Lab, means that the company can provide your business with the best advice on where the threats are emerging, the strength of your current defences and how you can reinforce them.

For advice and consultancy on IT Support & Solutions for your organisation, give Cheltenham’s Mark Simmonds a call on: 01299 873 873
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