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Everyone's Dating Fairy Godmother


Hi everyone, it’s April, the clocks have changed and everything is springing into action, I love the spring it’s so beautiful. Which brings me onto what mother nature gave us in looks, some of us do not have the super model looks we would like or if you’re a man you may not have the fine chiselled chin of George Clooney so what we have been given is what we have to make do with.

I’m a great believer that there is someone for everyone it’s just a case of being in the right place at the right time and making sure that if you are serious about finding someone to love then you have to put some effort in to it. You also have to be open minded and not too restrictive in your likes or dislikes. Of course there are something’s that some people won’t compromise on such a religion or smoking. When I was dating, using an internet dating site the most important thing to me was to be able to see a photo it’s all we have to go on to begin with. I like nice eyes and a genuine smile. If the photo had those qualities then I would read the profile and if I like what I read regardless weather they where 6ft plus or not then to me it was worth just sending them a short message.

Interestingly I have had a number of enquiries from people looking for a different way of finding true love. They have tried the more conventional ways like internet dating but many are fed up with the liars and scammers. I must emphasise that not all internet dating sites are like this; some take great care to filter out the bad apples so you just have to know which ones to avoid. Perhaps internet dating has had its day...? Some single people are now looking for an alternative to internet dating so what is out there? We seem to be lucky in this area there are quite a few clubs and associations that do offer singles’ social events where single people can meet up and just socialise with each other and if they happen to meet the love of their lives then that’s a bonus.

Whatever we do though, we have to be prepared to make an effort, I know I keep harping on about making an effort but it’s a bit like dieting or going to the gym; you have to be disciplined. You have to look at the dating game in a different way, take a fresh perspective. You know the saying “a watched kettle never boils” well maybe there is some truth in that; sometimes when we try too hard we can give off the wrong signals or vibes and sometimes our true love has been right in front of us all the time. It could be a friend or work colleague, you just never know. Especially if we convince ourselves that they are just a friend, we can give off the wrong vibes. Try thinking positive thoughts like what would it be like to go on a date with them, what you would wear, all proactive thoughts. It’s amazing how just thinking in a different way can change how we look at someone and how they look at us.

Top Tips: Make the effort to go out at least once a week; book things in advance put the events in your diary and stick to them. Get a friend to come with you. Don’t go dating – go socialising; you never know what might

Please get in touch for information about singles events, other ways to date in the area and for a full list of social events coming soon.

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Take care, Lynette