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Talks Collaborative Law


The Legal Services Act comes into force next year and that is likely to see many changes in the Legal market place. Family Law has generally been one of the most modern and dynamic areas of the legal industry and changes have already been afoot for some time.

Leading the way is Harrison Clark. With offices in Cheltenham and Worcester Harrison Clark have one of the largest and most accomplished Family Law teams in the country. Andrew Caldicott, a Partner in the Family Law team explained the new style of dispute resolution known as Collaborative Law.

“As a Solicitor Advocate I have many years experience of representing client’s in court on a whole variety of family disputes. These days though the reality is that it can be a very costly and stressful experience for the client. My colleagues and I are only to aware of what a turmoil time it can be for client’s if they have serious issues regarding their relationship. Those difficulties are only compounded by the delays, costs and uncertainty of contested court proceedings.

Like every other Government department the Court Service is having to endure severe cut backs and as a consequence it can be many months before your dispute gets to Court. There is no certainty as to outcome and the whole process can be very frustrating for those unlucky enough to be drawn into it.

Set against this background Collaborative Law was born and is now widely regarded as a progressive and thriving area. It can be used to resolve any family issues and is proving very popular.

The idea is that you sign up to a Participation Agreement which embraces a number of important principles. Both parties will commit to being open and honest and fair and to trying to find a solution that suits all concerned. It is particularly effective where there are children involved and helps maintain a degree of cooperation and goodwill between the parents which of course is vital for the children’s benefit in the future.

By choosing a Collaborative Lawyer you can be sure that your representative will be an experienced Family Lawyer who has also undergone specialist and intensive training for the Collaborative process. You are also likely to save yourself a considerable amount of time, money and heartache.

Family problems, whether they relate to the finances or children are often complex and difficult and of course it is so important to most peoples lives to make sure they are sorted out properly and amicably wherever possible.

I have no hesitation in recommending the process and my colleagues and I firmly believe that in the future it will prove beneficial to client’s and more popular than the court process”.