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Spring Fever


If last winter’s dark gothic looks and pared-back neutrals were a reflection of the recession, this season’s beauty is all about upbeat optimism.

Think zingy fluoros, glossy complexions and bold bright lips that pack a punch. “This is a really exciting season for make-up,” beams Sharon Dowsett, make-up director for Maybelline.

“Colour, experimentation and a punky attitude pervaded the shows and make-up artists bought into it all in a big way.”

Take a peek in your make-up bag and if your current collection of cosmetics doesn’t prompt a smile, it’s time to upgrade quick-smart to the new season’s sunny looks.

As Dowsett says: “This is make-up for your playful side.”

Bright beauty
As temperatures gradually climb, expect the colour volume to turn up accordingly.

Use the tropics as inspiration with technicolour make-up in hues of tangerine, lemon, lime and vibrant purple.

“Careful consideration of textures and placement when using such statement colours is so key or the look can quickly become theatrical,” warns MAC make-up artist Lyne Desnoyers.

“It’s about a canvas that’s minimally perfected and illuminised and placement of colour that’s really about pure beauty statements.”

Eyes are the easiest way to carry off a bold bright - wear as a block of colour for maximum impact.

Sorbet surprise
If you regularly gorge on Ladurée pastries, gelato scoops and pick ‘n’ mix, verindulge with the iced pastels trend.

With a chalky rather than pearlescent texture, the new season pastels have a fresh and futuristic feel.

Choose from delectable shades like lilac, sky blue, lemon, pistachio and marshmallow.

“The modern pastel is all about technology and technique - it’s to do with changing up the texture with a gloss or a super-matte finish,” says MAC make-up artist Nadine Luke.

“It really taps into the feeling that this is very much a brave and experimental season.”

Slick Seventies
With Seventies fever flaring up on just about every international catwalk, skin was buffed and beautiful a la Charlie’s Angels.

This is by no means a running-out-of-the-door look - every detail counts with skin, cheeks and eyes all polished to perfection.

“Most of the models showed off super-luxe complexions, exuding a healthy glow,” Dowsett explains.

“It’s a flattering, creamy complexion with an enhanced bone structure and plump nude lips.”

Get practising with your brush strokes, this is about being buffed beyond belief.

Metallic mission
Precious metals shouldn’t solely be reserved for your jewellery box this summer. Get into Olympics mode with reflective gold, silver and bronze shades.

Think Seventies-inspired luxury with sculpted cheekbones, shimmering eyelids and glossy lips - a look that’s easily updated from day to night.

“Blend a metallic gold and soft brown together on the top of your eyelid creating a classic glowy spring look for daytime,” advises 17 make-up artist Vanesa Guallar.

“For night-time, define your eye bone and bottom lid with a darker shimmering brown to create a soft and elegant smoky eye.”

Hold back on the sparkle and add dimension and contours to your face with creamy toffees and warm browns for sun-kissed radiance.

Popping pout
Lips pouted in mouth-watering shades of orange, pink and red on the catwalk.

“We did so many lips this season, from fuchsia to burgundy and matt velvet to super, super glossy finishes,” says Pat McGrath, Max Factor make-up artist.

Classic red has been updated for spring/summer with eye-popping edgier shades like hot chilli and punchy pillar-box that still exude glamour.

“We mixed up a different shade of red for each show and sometimes a different shade for each girl,” says McGrath.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing different shades of lipstick with a brush to create your very own bespoke summer colour.