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Question 1 - I have recently started a new job in an office and have noticed my skin has become dry. Why is this, and what can I do?

Answer - Your skin will have lost moisture rather than oil due to central heating and air conditioning, therefore becoming dehydrated. Try to hydrate the skin from the inside and out. It is important to drink more water, but the only effective way to lock moisture into the skin is from the outside.

Check your daily routine and go back to basics- cleanse, tone and moisturise. Go for products with hydrating ingredients particularly from your toner, making sure to avoid alcohol. Good toners are great for balancing the oil and water content allowing your moisturisers to work more deeply. Make sure your moisturiser does not contain mineral oil, a byproduct of petroleum production, as this will clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing. This can lock out moisture instead of correcting your skin.

A humidifier in the office will also help to prevent this effect on the skin, although it may frizz everyone’s hair!

Question 2 - What can I do if my nail varnish has gone thick? It’s my favourite colour and it’s been discontinued.

Answer- You can buy nail thinner to add to your nail varnish which will do the job.

Alternatively add a few drops of nail polish remover as this will have the same effect.

Another tip is to store the varnish in the fridge to
prevent this happening again.

Question 3 - I have noticed some white lines on my nails and wondered what is causing them?

Answer - Sometimes white lines can occur after illness, or due to an injury to the nail. If they have occurred for either of those reasons they will grow out, but this takes time so patience is required.

Another common cause is a lack of zinc in your diet. This can be improved by adding oysters, shellfish, wheat bran, pine nuts, pecan nuts, liver and parmesan cheese to the diet. Again you will need to allow the line to grow out, but the changes will prevent more from appearing.

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