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Nature's Remarkable Uplift

St john's Wort crack

It is a little surprising that in this day and age mental health is still something of a taboo, particularly as one in three of us will suffer from depression at some point in our lives and women are twice as likely as men to experience the illness.

This debilitating condition can affect anyone, of any culture, age or background and can strike at any time for no particular reason. A common mistake is to confuse depression with just feeling “a bit down” and to encourage suffers to “pull their socks up”. The truth is that severe depression is highly incapacitating and requires proper treatment to ensure a successful recovery.

Traditionally, antidepressant drugs such as Dothiepin, Imipramine, and Amitryptyline are often prescribed for moderate to severe depression. These usually take up to two weeks to start working and may have side effects, according to the Mental Health Foundation.

However, for those seeking a natural alternative to drugs, St John’s Wort and Passion Flower may, it is claimed, provide relief for sufferers with mild to moderate symptoms.

Jayney Goddard, president of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA), says: “I have long been concerned by the side effects of antidepressant drugs which are well documented and acknowledged. A clinical trial has proven that a combination of St John’s Wort with Passion Flower will address anxiety and
depression. Furthermore, it shows the supplement can take effect in as little as two weeks, while St John’s Wort alone can take up to six weeks.”

St John’s Wort with Passion Flower provides the combination of an effective natural antidepressant with the calming properties of Passion Flower to relieve mild to moderate depression, anxiety and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) without the side-effects so often associated with prescription drugs.

It is thought that the synergistic behaviour of these two herbs in one supplement is more effective than if each was taken separately.

The two key aspects that each treats – mild depression and anxiety – are interrelated: if you are mildly depressed you feel anxious and if you are anxious this can lead to mild depression. Conversely, if you manage your anxiety you will be less depressed and if you are less depressed your anxiety levels will fall.

St John’s Wort has been recognised for some time to relieve the symptoms of depression. It works by increasing the amount and activity of serotonin and dopamine between nerve cells, making up for a deficiency that is characteristic in a depressed person. In addition the herb reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the bloodstream by inducing the liver to break it down faster.

Passion Flower is a herbal remedy from a native American plant. It works on physical and mental symptoms of stress, relaxes muscles and anxiety and is a safe, natural tranquilliser that is non-addictive.

If you are currently taking prescribed medication for depression you must consult your doctor before changing your dose or taking an alternative treatment. Additionally, St John’s Wort with Passion Flower should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Anyone on prescription drugs should also check with their doctor before taking St John’s Wort with Passion Flower, as it can trigger some unwanted side effects with certain drugs.

St John’s Wort with Passion Flower costs about £10.00 for a one month supply from leading independent health shops and chemists.