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Everyone's Dating Fairy Godmother


What amazing weather we have been having, it has certainly got everyone thinking about the summer and what they are going to be doing. From the amount of calls I have had over the last few weeks; I think it has also got quite a few of you thinking about finding someone special to spend the summer with. A number of you have asked if I will be organising any events and I am happy to report that yes I will be.

I have linked up with a team of professionals like myself to maximise our databases and promote our events to a much larger pool of people. We hope therefore to have many more people attending our events which should mean; you will have a better chance of meeting that someone special.

We have also decided to call our events “Networking Evenings” as opposed to singles dating events. I think some people may find the words singles and dating a bit scary and off-putting. The events will be an ideal way to socialise with new people in a relaxed and safe environment. We hope you will support these events; as soon as we have a schedule of when and where these networking events will be taking place - we will send them out to you. All you need to do is to register your interest by going to my website and subscribing to the newsletter.

At the events you will also have the chance to talk to myself and my colleagues about any anxieties or dating issues you may be having. It’s often helpful to talk to people who have had similar experiences, tackled the same issues and moved forward with their lives. It is sometimes very reassuring to know that you’re not alone; that most other people in the room have been through similar experiences and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Being single again can be very daunting no matter how long you were in a previous relationship.

I think it’s especially hard for people who have been bereaved. Their issues are more complex and need careful guidance; maybe from people who are trained to deal with this issue. Sometimes reassurance can come with just knowing that the feeling and anxieties you are having are the same as others. That it’s quite normal to feel guilty about even considering another relationship and that the thought of being intimate with someone else can fill us all with anxiety – even those of us who haven’t lost a loved one.

I remember when my marriage ended; thinking how on earth would anyone find me attractive let alone want to sleep with me especially after having three children!

Taking my clothes off in front of a stranger!!! Well I can tell you that if a person really respects you and loves you then it will not matter what you look like under your clothes.

I can also reveal that men have similar anxieties; in addition there is an enormous amount of pressure on men to take the lead in the bedroom. It can be too easy for us women to take a less active role especially as that is how we are traditionally expected to behave but men are supposed to dominate (metaphorically) and send the woman in to raptures of delight!! Poor blokes, they are probably just as terrified as we are. I hope you don’t think this is too crude as an analogy but it’s just like driving a different model of car; the principles are the same, the handling may be slightly different but it’s still a car! To make it feel more like an Aston Martin than a Reliant Robin; take your time, make it special, in a special place that will be remembered for a very long time.

Hope to see you all soon, take care. Lynette

For more information about our new Networking Events go to the website and subscribe to receive the newsletter with future venues, dates and times.


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