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Is Yours The Next Face Of The Cheltonian?

The Search Is On! crack

Traditionally the front cover of The Cheltonian was an image of a classy, sophisticated model. Beautiful, stunning and female.... but not a Cheltonian. So last year Editor James Neal decided to change all that by running ‘The Face’ of The Cheltonian competition and then putting the winning photos on the cover of the magazine instead.

The first one – the winner of the Under 12s - appeared on the cover of the December 2009 edition. The winner was actually ten month old JP Benson and everyone who saw it went ‘aahhh!’ On the next issue we saw 17 year old Natalie Evans who won the Editor’s Choice and she was followed in March by the 30-50 female category winner Ali Chapman. Then came Isobelle Gibbons who won the 12-18 female category on the April cover, Victoria Ilina who won the 18-30 female category and was the overall winner graced the May issue and the 30-50 male category winner, Stuart Harber, was our ‘June’ cover.

On this month’s cover we have 17 year old Tom Clark, winner of the 12-18 male category. So that’s two women, one baby, three teenagers, two men, so far....

But what have they all got in common – they are all REAL Cheltonians. And don’t they look fabulous!

But that was last year and it appears that James is at it all over again. The search is back on for next Face of The Cheltonian and it starts now.

Over the next three months James plans to invite girls, women, boys and men of all ages to have their photograph taken so that the people of Cheltenham can pick their winner from each category. The categories are: The under 12s, 12-18 (parental consent required for both of these age groups), the 18-30s, the 30s-50s, and the over 50s. There will be a male and female category in each of the age groups plus an ‘Editor’s Choice Winner’.

There will be three initial photo-shoots, each giving anyone who wants to be photographed the opportunity to enter.

The photo-shoots will take place over three separate weekends at the Beechwood Shopping Centre who have generously agreed to allow the magazine to hold its photo shoots there again this year.

So who should consider entering the competition this year? James feels the same now as he did last year when the initial search began.

‘It’s about personality,’ he says ‘and that sort of energy which comes through in the eyes, something which sets that person apart from all the others. I like real people.’

And it’s not just about beautiful women or our obsession with youth. Men can also make for stunning cover images as can older people of either sex. People who have lived and in whom the life experience shines in that split second when the camera captures their ‘essence’ that says it all.

‘Most importantly,’ continues James, ‘it should be a real Cheltonian.’

So do you need to prove that you were born in Cheltenham to enter?

No you don’t have to have been born here, but you do have to live in Cheltenham or one of the surrounding villages. Each entrant will need to complete a consent form, opposite, and in so doing they will need to provide their name and address. If ‘Cheltenham’ appears in your address then you qualify to enter.

Then what happens? Well once the initial photo-shoots have been completed the public will be asked to select their favourites in each category. The winners will be invited to a professional photo-shoot at the studios of Two Front Teeth with make-up, hairdressers and wardrobe in attendance to achieve real glamour.

‘The winners will get to keep a copy of his/her best photo,’ says James. ‘It could be the start of a modelling career or simply the opportunity to enjoy a professional photo-shoot and the chance to appear on the front cover of The Cheltonian.’

How to enter

To enter simply complete the form opposite and attend one of the next photo-shoots at the Beechwood Shopping centre on one the dates stated. It’s as simple as that!

Photo-shoot dates for this year are: