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The National Dish crack

What do Brits miss most when they emigrate to Australia or in fact anywhere else in the world? Fish and chips of course! It’s not that they don’t have fish and chip shops down under; but it’s not the same. It’s not our best quality ‘frozen at sea’ cod, which comes in huge fillets and has to be thawed and cut into portions every morning with batter fried in pure groundnut oil which makes everything lighter and crispier. All the cod and haddock is skinless and boneless and fish is cooked to order to guarantee freshness. That’s what we expect from our traditional fish and chips.

And one such traditional fish and chip shop is Simpson’s Fish and Chips in Priors Road, Cheltenham, which also has branches in Chepstow and Bradley Stoke, near Bristol. At Simpsons they hope to provide a friendly and reliable local chippy that guarantees great food every time you return. They can cater for any occasion, from kids’ parties to business meetings and can deliver for a minimum order. You can even eat in and save doing the washing up!

Simpson have just had an inspection by the NFFF and have been awarded with the Fish Friers Quality Award. The inspector was there for four hours and went through the shop with a fine tooth comb. He then taste tested the fish and chips and gave them top marks. The inspection also included testing James and Bonny’s knowledge about where the fish comes from and sustainable cod stocks which they are passionate about. There are many award winning shops in the North of England but Simpsons are proud to be the only shop in the whole of Gloucestershire to receive the award so far.

They would therefore like to use this opportunity like to thank the staff for all their hard work and all the loyal customers who return week after week.

On a side note Simpsons are now frying new potatoes. This happens for all chip shops at this time every year. The difference is they are slightly smaller and sweeter. They don’t keep crispy for as long but they are certainly yummy and will last for the next few weeks so get them while they’re hot!

And here are some fishy facts – cod is still the UK’s most popular fish, accounting for over 60% of total consumption. Haddock comes second at around 25%. And the classic accompaniment to fish and chips – mushy peas of course, though since the mid-1970s curry sauce is also a favourite. On the side, tomato ketchup comes top in England, with brown sauce the choice of the Scots. While on the continent they love chips with mayonnaise.

And don’t forget you can also pick up a loyalty card on your next visit. Every time you spend £5 or more you get a stamp and after 9 stamps you get free fish and chips of any size!

Simpsons is at:

73-75 Priors Road
GL52 5AL

Telephone: 01242 521964