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Caught in a summer downpour in flip-flops and with no umbrella, is never a good situation to be in. So, when running through the centre of town feeling more than sorry for myself, I was in need of a tasty pick-me-up.

I was less than impressed with my previous visit to Chiquito’s Mexican Restaurant, purely down to slow service. But what drew me in this time was the new lunch menu, with prices starting at a cheap and cheerful £5.99, as well as the restaurant looking welcomingly bare on the inside. Surely I was in a win win situation?

Claiming to be the ‘UK’s most popular Mexican restaurant’ is a lot to live up to. So I ventured in...

We were greeted by a very warm welcome and treated to an intimate window booth which I easily sank in to. The mellow music and traditional interior created a relaxing atmosphere in which it became easy to lose track of the time.

The menu was fantastic. Everything you could fancy from wraps, quesadillas and fajitas. I chose the soft tacos with beef chilli for something with a kick, with a side order of skin on fries.

What’s brilliant about Chiquito’s is that you can customise your own meal. If you prefer your food hot and spicy, simply ask.

My friend chose Chiq Chiq Chicken. A chicken breast with BBQ sauce, north of the border fries, onion rings and coleslaw. Which, admittedly looked epic in comparison to my meal.

The taco’s were delicious, packed full of flavour and I could not complain. Both meals were demolished with no hesitation, as we giggled at passersby drenched in the rain.

Of course it is essential to indulge in a pudding. Brought back by popular demand, I chose a couple of the shot desserts. A mini key lime pie and a banoffi toffee shot. Need I say more?

Pure lusciousness!

Overall, two scrummy courses for £7.99. I couldn’t complain.

If you’re expecting a five star experience though, and own up to being a bit of a food snob, this is not the place for you. They produce food which is recognisably from a chain restaurant, but that’s yummy all the same.
Chiquito’s prides itself on being child friendly and with offers like ‘kids eat for free’ it is perfect for families on a budget. But it’s essential to hit the restaurant at the right time. Ideal for a weekday lunch hour with colleagues or friends and perfect for the school summer holidays.

As evening draws in the atmosphere becomes electric. The volume is turned up and the tequilla begins to flow. The compact bar produces weird and wonderful cocktails from just £3.99 both alcoholic and non, and although they find it hard to cope with the demand, they are certainly worth the wait.

It is difficult not to become immersed in the festival atmosphere, which means small glitches like this are easily forgotten.

A definite improvement and a fabulous new menu. I could not complain!