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OGL Celebrates 35 Years


With over 180 members of staff spread across two sites, today OGL Computer is one of central England’s biggest providers of IT Support and IT Solutions for business large and small. This August, the company is celebrating an anniversary of 35 years in business, an age which also makes it one of the oldest and most established IT companies in the UK.

Today, OGL provides premier IT Support and cutting edge IT Solutions, including IT hardware infrastructure installation, disaster recovery, business continuity, IT Security, e-commerce and website development, and the company also has partnerships with the world’s leading brands in IT, including Microsoft and HP. However, despite today’s impressive setting, OGL’s beginnings originated from a smaller scale.

In 1976, OGL was established in neighbouring Worcestershire to provide, service and repair Olivetti typewriters for businesses in the Midlands - hence the name OGL, standing for Oliquip Group Limited. In the early 1980’s and with the development of Olivetti’s first computers, coinciding with the first significant emergence of computers in the business workplace, OGL began providing and supporting the earliest models. At the same time, the company also began its work in software development with its own early stock control and accounts package.

The beginning of the 1990s saw the boom in modern computing as we know it today. The technical specifications of servers rocketed as prices dropped, allowing businesses to network PCs together to share resources, applications and data. As a result, the use of PCs in the workplace became far more prevalent. OGL identified this market trend and while increasing its installation and support of IT infrastructures, the company also became one of the UK’s earliest partners of both Microsoft and HP. Still accredited by these leading brands in IT to this day, partnership provided the most advanced training and guidance on the latest technologies, as well as affording high product availability and competitive pricing to businesses in the Midlands.

To accommodate its continued expansion in installing and supporting IT infrastructures to an increasingly large amount of business in the Midlands, in the early years of the 2000’s OGL Computer opened an additional premises, where OGL’s Technical Centre continues to be based today. With the company’s growing expertise in software development and to meet increasing market demand, the company also released its flagship software, prof.ITplus: over 60 man years in the creation, prof.ITplus remains the industry’s leading business management software for stockists and distributors of products in a variety of market sectors.

Today OGL provides IT Support & Solutions to over 1,000 organisations large and small throughout the Midlands including Gloucestershire and Cheltenham, and the company is focussed on providing for a business’ complete IT needs.

In addition to remote and onsite IT Support, provided by OGL’s team of fully qualified IT Technicians, the company can also provide solutions including disaster recovery. OGL has recently launched its own Disaster Recovery Suite, complete with PC workstations and office facilities, which a business can relocate to in the event of a disaster at their premises. Meanwhile, OGL can provide an automated backup of a business’ data and protect it at its own maximum security Data Centre, thanks to its Offsite Recovery disaster recovery solution.

“OGL Computer provides a partnership in IT with businesses in Cheltenham and around the Midlands,” says OGL’s Marketing Manager, Alex Byles. “This means that we can provide high level technical assistance on specific IT projects to an existing IT department, or we can offer comprehensive IT Support and proactive IT administration to smaller organisations which may not have capacity for their own dedicated IT expertise.”

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